New to MS and joint pain

Hi, Hoping maybe some of you can help… the last few days I have had pain in my wrist which seems to be getting worse by the hour… Into my hand and little two fingers and slightly up my arm… I have recently been completing my final exams of a Uni degree, so not sure if the strain causing this, but through 4 years of lectures and writing never had this before. I was only diagnosed with MS recently and so on a massive learning curve about me and what is MS and what is me just being weird!! … But wondering if joint pain is a common thing, then spreading from the joint down hands and limbs?! Took some ibuprofen with no effect and also one of my first relapses was loss of movement in that hand… But at 11 years ago I cannot remember how it started!? Any advise or info would be good :slight_smile: Thanks Lynsey

Yeah I get a lot of going pain in arms , wrists fingers from where there was damage Shoulder and neck too. I have young kids so it is none stop really x

Hi Lynsey,

Bizarrely, it seems I was replying to this last night, but then just wandered off to bed, oblivious I was in the middle of anything - so sorry for the delay.

Strictly speaking, MS in itself does not cause joint pain. In fact, every time I raise this at my neuro appointments, it gets dismissed as “unrelated”.

However, I think this is a very narrow view, and that things like permanently stiff/weak muscles, altered gait, altered posture, impaired coordination, could all contribute to additional strain on the joints.

Although not listed as a “textbook” symptom of MS, I personally don’t think it needs a lot of imagination to see how it might happen, and there are enough similar reports on these forums (like Em’s, above) to make me think I’m not alone, and not going mad.

I do appreciate not everything is always caused by MS, and I could have something else alongside. But I’ve had full rheumatology screening - twice - and none of that showed a thing. I reckon the simplest explanation is often the best - that my aches and pains are caused by the chronic illness we know I’ve got, not some mystery other thing, that doesn’t show on any test!