Does anyone get bad joint pain? I started with this when i was about 18 (45 now) and it would affect different joints. They don’t swell they are just painful. I have it in my right shoulder now and i can’t lift my arm too far up becasue its really painful. When i first had this i was tested for arthritis but it was negative. Could this have been the start of ms or is joint pain not common with ms. I am still in limbo by the way because my LP and evoke potentials were negative.

Hmmm, dunno to be honest ? When I think back to before I got bad I had a very painful ankle. The pain went on for 8 weeks and was getting worse. Told my doc and he said go to A&E and have an X-ray.when we looked at the X-ray there was nothing wrong :s the pain I had, I thought it was fractured or something; both me and the doc were surprised. So, don’t know if it’s coincidence or what? Xx

It can’t be that common then if only 2 of us have had joint pain

It can’t be that common if there ae only 2 of us.

Yeah, think you’re right :wink: ah well, got our own club :slight_smile:

Could bouts of muscle weakness increase the incidence of strains and sprains, and so soreness around joints?

The little finger on my right hand looks deformed; it’s raised and the knuckle leans outward. Sometimes it aches terribly.

My left knee though, is a different matter entirely. It’s the size of Brazil and has been for a long time. It was getting increasingly painful, and giving way more and more frequently, so eventually I went to my doc who sent me straight round to our local hospital (which thankfully is within hobbling distance!) for an x-ray.

Apparently I have Degenerative Disease of the Knee, and although I’ve yet to go back for more tests to find out the exact cause, I suspect some form of arthritis (it’s rife in my family).

My neuro’s seen and examined my knee several times, and said that although it’s not caused directly by the MS it is having an effect on it, which I think he’s spot on about. Just to make matters worse it’s the side of my body most affected by MS. Interestingly though, about eighteen months ago I had a fall outside my house (thanks to those wretched holes in the road) and badly twisted my left ankle, it immediately gave way and I ended up crashing to the floor on my left knee! The ankle took months to heal, and now I frequently feel the need for someone to get hold of my foot and pull. I have the same feeling in that leg too…

Coincidence?..not sure.

Debbie xx

I am getting pains in my front right when i cough now, as if my ribs are bruised. I am worrying it’s an organ and not muscular

I’m not diagnosed but am in the waiting game. I do experience joint pain. The weird thing for me is that out of nowhere a joint will hurt, like a sharp pain and it will be like that for a period of time and than just go away. It’s weird becuase one time it will be my elbow, than my knee, than my ankle and than my other elbow. It’s so weird. I don’t know what causes it either, I was also tested for arthritis and oer similar diseases.