Does anyone else get joint pain?

Hi! Im new here and wondering if anyone is having a similar experience. I am currently undiagnosed and showing symptoms of MS. But i need to start from the beggining. So about two years ago i started getting horrific joint pain after having covid. For months it progressively got worse and I was eventually reffered to a rheumatologist. After a few scans, they were unable to find inflammation and it was put down to viral arthritis. Not long after that, the joint pain just disappeared! Fast forward to a few months ago, I went to my GP to talk about fertility and the awful pelvic pain i was having (concerned that i may have had endometriosis). I had a cervical screening, blood test, etc. and everything looked fine. The week after my tests, everything went down hill. My joint pain came back, I started having muscle aches, spasms, blurry vision, numbness and pins and needles in my face and limbs. I went back to my GP and told him everthying so natuarally he tested for B12 deficiency as well as a few other things. I was really hoping it was a B12 deficiency! But alas, the test came back negative and i have an appointment next week to talk about whats next.

Has anyone else had joint pain as an early symptom? I dont see many people with this symptom and wonder if it might be a seperate affliction. Also, if anyone else is going through the diagnosis process with the NHS, what has your experience been like and how long have/are things taking?

Joint pain has not been a feature of my own MS, no. I am sorry that you have such a lot on your plate at the moment and hope that you get some answers soon.

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Hi there, my first symptom was some strange slight tingling in my right arm followed a few months later by optic neuritis in my right eye. I ignored the tingling which passed in a few weeks but couldn’t ignore the optic neuritis- I lost most of my sight in the right eye! ( the sight recovered) In my case some 18 years ago the diagnosis was fairly quick although it was a frustrating couple of months before it was ‘officially confirmed’ and I started treatment.

Joint pain wasn’t a symptom ( although at 70 I’m now beginning to experience old age creaking joints !)

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Yes and no. :joy:

So yes, I did get joint pain. Specifically ankles and legs, wrists, arms and shoulders. I was told that it could be MS or a could be side effect of the Tysabri.

In the end, it was neither, hence the no. At 46, it turns out I am actually already post menopause and HRT stopped the joint pain.


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I have listed it as one of my symptoms for when I get my appointment with a consultant. It is also one of the many ‘random’ things I have been to the doctors / x-rays etc for.

I have had MRI and have been told it’s highly likely I have MS and have been referred to a neurologist and am just waiting now. It’s seems like forever.

I have always had my knee, ankle and hip on my left side ache since I can remember. My knee has been known to swell to some considerable size and I am always aware of the dull ache. I don’t know if it is just my leg is just like that, but it’s worth mentioning I think. A lot of things I thought were just random now seem to align with the highly likely MS (unhelpful) diagnosis.

Hope you get some answers and appointments soon.

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Thank you Alison, I hope so too!

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Im sorry to hear you went through that. As much pain as im in, losing your eyesight must have been terrifying. Im only getting blurry vision for an hour at most randomly through the day. May I ask what type of MS you were diagnosed with?

Yes of course. I was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting. That was something over 18 years ago and I was put on Avonex ( one of the then few Disease Modifying Treatments). There are now many more and newer treatments. My eye sight returned over some weeks - maybe 2-3 months to recover fully although it’s still not quite as good as my left eye. The main symptom/ effect of MS has been on my walking. Nothing for some 8 years or more ( can’t remember exactly how long) and then found that my right leg didn’t work properly after walking for 40 mins or so. I now have trouble after 10-15 mins and use a scooter for anything longer . Otherwise not too bad

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Thank you, that is good advice! I’ll make sure to list it at my next appointment. I’m sorry to hear you’re having joint pain as well, but reassuring that im not alone in it. Ive had the pain for almost two years and I’m so over it haha. Do you have the aches constantly while the other symptoms come and go?

My knee and ankle do hurt and ache as a constant! Now I’ve started noting things down and spoken to my husband I’ve realised that a lot of things I’ve experienced aren’t the norm!

I suppose we all just get on with things and think everyone is as tired and achy as us. Plus when doctors aren’t looking at all the symptoms as one, just as separate incidents, it’s hard to get a diagnosis and answers.

Hi @michellelk92
I wake up with lower back and pelvis pain, especially in the hips, every morning.
Doing my daily physio exercises helps to alleviate the soreness and some painkillers, if I feel a bit too achey that day.

Hope you come closer to a diagnosis soon, it’s always the not knowing that plays on the mind.