joint pain

hi all,

for the past 3 weeks i have been getting intermitent itching. not bad, as, if i have a quick sctatch it goes - to another part of my body, my nose especially. but over the past couple of weeks i have been getting a lot of joint pain - wrists, knuckles, elbow and ankle. left ankle especially and giving way under me, though this morning my right arm is really aching from wrist to elbow and my fingers are a little numb and ‘spongy’ i don’t think all these symptoms are typical of ms but would love to hear any ideas. i suffer with vitiligo, also an auto immune problem so wondered if it would be connected. also having problems with memory at the moment, the sort that when you go into a shop you just stand there because you can’t remember what you came in for!!!

help, please x

Hi there,

I’m sorry “me too” isn’t really much help, but sometimes it does help just to know your symptoms aren’t unique in all the world.

Unfortunately, I too have chronic and widespread joint pain. Mostly it’s “big” joints, like ankles, knees and pelvis. But sometimes it’s as localised as the base of my thumbs.

I’m a diagnosed MSer (relapsing remitting), yet my neuro doesn’t think the pain is related!

But I’ve had complete rheumatology screening…twice. None of that found anything.

MS definitely does interfere with gait, posture and muscle tone, and my theory is that, over a prolonged period, these subtle changes MUST place strain on the joints.



Hi Both x I so agree with this - almost every post I respond to seems to have a ‘me too’! I feel sometimes like I shouldn’t be always stating/describing my own symptoms - but when I read posts it’s so frustrating not to have the knowledge to help more - I really do feel so sorry and helpless so the only thing I feel I can do is let peeps know that they are not alone with these horrible symptoms & show support that way xxxjenxxxx