Severe joint pain

Hi all I posted a few days ago, but wondered if there was anyone else on here, that despite positive MRI and dx, have severe joint pain. This is a new one on me, and one tht I would attribute more to RA or lupus. It’s symmetrical for a start. In both shoulders, wrists, fingers hips knees and now under my heels. I can barely undress without sin. Stairs and kneeling are a killer, gripping is unbearable. No pain relief touches it, and seem to take a concoction of all sorts! Any thoughts anyone, before I plunk myself in the gp’s waiting room before Easter Sam :slight_smile:

Hi Sam,

I also get joint pains that are horrid. I was dx in Feb after a year of strange symptoms. I was checked for RA and Lupus which were negative, my neuro & GP assure me it’s all MS. I don’t know what pain relief you are taking? Most regular painkillers eg. paracetomol have little effect for me. I take preagablin which is specific to treat nerve pain, which seems to work well for me (takes the edge off at least) Im not sure about the symmetery thing, mine seem to be fairly random.

Definitely go an see your GP as can’t assume everything is MS related. Hope it gets better for you and you can enjoy your Easter break.

Hi Sam

I’ve had joint paint pretty much everywhere as well for the last few weeks (although not severe at all and not constant) have it pretty much everywhere but not too painful so haven’t taken any pain killers…weirdly the bottom of one of my heels started hurting as I was walking home from work…really hope it eases up soon for you : ( Let me know how you’re doing in the coming days. Have been pretty much symptom free for ages but have had a number of symptoms over the last few months so putting it down to a relapse.

Debbie xx

Thank you for that! It seems joint pain is a factor, but not widely recognized I think. I have been taking gabapentin, diclofenac, but nothing seems to help. I wake at night with the pain, and I am so tired at the moment and short tempered with the little ones. I feel horrible sometimes, but the youngest who is two and half, has always been a force to be reckoned with. Determined at the best of times. Things seem to take me ten times longer to do. It took me three days not long back to sort out my bedroom that was full of uniironed clothes, as well as bedding in need of a change. At this point my hubby was unaware, as was I, and I just thought I was feeling a bit tired due to this on going winter. Now I know different. Well, the GP’s it is in the morning, see if I can get any answers from her, and more importantly, pain relief! Have a lovely Easter break, and thanks once again for the reassurance. Sam xxx

Thanks Debbie! I will keep you informed. Thanks for caring xxx

No problem Sam, hope the GP can help, children always have a way of knowning when something isn’t quiet right amd test the boundaries lol!!! love that age though, they’re adorable…try a 13 year to test your patience : )

Try and take it easy so you can enjoy Easter and as I said let me know how you’re feeling xx

Hi Sam

I get joint pain/achiness in my heels, hips, fingers and toes but it doesn’t sound as severe as yours. My neck and back have been painful for the past 2 weeks but I’m putting that down to the current relapse. I take co-codamol which seems to take the edge off the pain if is particularly bad but I prefer to do a few yoga stretches for my hips and manage as much as possible with the toes etc as the co-codamol just adds to the constipation problem I battle with . Sometimes my fingers and toes hurt at night and keep me awake at night which leads to a zombie head in the morning. I think I just notice it more at night when there are no distractions. Everything is taking me longer at the moment due to the fatigue from the relapse. I had my dinner at 8pm tonight because I slept too long after work and couldn’t get going again.

I’m lucky, I wasn’t diagnosed until my son was 15 (he’s now 19) and we both like a long lie-in if he isn’t working so that makes life easier. He does like the odd late night but if I have fallen asleep it would take an earthquake to wake me!

I hope you find some relief for your pain soon, it can’t be much fun when you have littlies. Take care

Traey x

I can relate to the late mealtimes etc. luckily, the last few weeks my little ones have been getting up early, which means I can do a few jobs whilst. Have an ounce f energy, bu then after about an hour I start struggling, but they are ready for a nap, which at the moment can be up to three hours, so I have just learnt to get into bed too and turn off the phone. It oes help with the second wind to get meals cooked etc, but I am burning out a bit by the time their evening bedtime nears. It doesn’t help, as you know yourself, if pain is constantly waking me through the night. I tried to get an appointment with my gp today, but there is nothing until a week tomorrow. I don’t really trust anyone else, especially as when it all started, a gp I saw, as I couldn’t get to see my own turned round and imputed what my consultant said about it bing ms, as with ms you don’t get tremors, according to him :-/ as you can imagine any faith I had in him went straight out f the window! I just hope this pain lessens soon, as the pin in the bottom of my heels is making walking even more impossible. Ah well, moan over! Lol Have a lovely Easter and look after yourself Hun xxx

Hi Sam

I put memory foam insoles into my shoes and it made such a difference to my heels as it gives me a bit of cushioning. My pain isn’t as severe as yours but it might be worth a try until you can see your GP - the one you can trust!

Hope you can get through Easter without too much pain. I’m glad you have learned to sleep when the little ones sleep, that’s all we can do sometimes. I’ve long since learned to not let the guilt get to me - we have to manage as best we can and we are the only ones who know what tired really means! (Well, apart from others with hidden illnesses)


So true! I don’t have that many visitors, so if the house is a tip for a few days until I can summon up some energy, that’s how it stays. Might try the insoles though, anything is worth a try! Thanks Hun! Sam xxx

Hi Sam,

I have SPMS but also have Lupus and the pain from Lupus is unbearable. One night I actually begged my o/h to chop my arms off as the shoulders hurt so much. I would most definately get it checked out with a rheumy so see your gp to see what he thinks, but it as you say could also be RA or even MS but certainly worth gretting it checked out. Wish you luck and hope it’s sorted quickly for you.



Hi Janet, Lupus was a definite worry, and what a terrible thing for you to have both that and MS! I really don’t know how you cope, physically and mentally. I tried to get an appointment with my GP being mindful of the fact that if they could do some blood tests whilst I was having the symptoms, they might show something up. No such luck, can’t get in until next week, and Easter has obviously put a spanner in the works to boot. Ah well, guess its going to be a long road of tests, docs appointments and who knows what else. Meanwhile, I am just in the process of getting up whilst the little ones are still in bed, doing a few jobs, then going to put my feet up and watch a film with my older daughter. Hubby is working today which although I have no one to take over the cooking if I am not up to it, he is out from under my feet lol. Have a lovely bank holiday weekend! Much love Sam x