Joint & Muscle Pain


Does any one suffer from joint and muscle pain . For the last few weeks my arms , wrists and hands aswell as my feet and lower legs have been painful , like pulled muscles .

There is no swelling or redness , gripping things or movement definelty aggravates things ( but obviously not moving is not an option ).

I am going to go to GP , but wondered if this was an MS thing or maybe something else.

I did see Physio but she was very unhelpful and not interested to be honest.

Thank You & Take Care

I get this as well. My GP prescribed Naproxen for it and it works a treat.

Yes, I always have this.

My neuro was a bit dismissive, and didn’t think it’s related.

But I’ve had full rheumatology screening - twice - and neither time found anything.

So unless I’ve got some other thing that’s very hard to diagnose, I’m sure it all must be related to the MS. It makes no sense to me that all other tests come back normal/negative, but the one condition I know I’ve got, they’re saying isn’t responsible… Hmmm.

I reckon if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, etc. etc.

I’ve seen enough posts here from people with joint and muscle pain to realise it’s hardly a rarity with MS.


Hi, yes I get this, it’s very painful at times, I take Gabepentin, my GP feels it’s related to my MS, take care, Jean

I get this too, mostly back of knees and arms and fingers. I get Gabapentin from my GP it seems to do the trick for me.


Naproxen can be nasty stuff when it comes to your stomach. Sometimes, GPs prescribe Naproxen without a PPI (proton pump inhibitor) like Omeprazole which is there to protect the lining of your stomach. Always, always take Naproxen with food, even if you have Omeprazole. Without this, your gut will get damaged. I was on Naproxen for about 6 or 7 months with Omeprazole, taking the Naproxen with food and I STILL ended up really sensitive to any acid - just a sip of wine was too much.