Ache joint MS or not

Hi erase toy I have noticed that sometimes my joints feel stiff my fingers joints are stiff but the next moment they are fine I have also found that my left knee when I first go to get up that’s sore but then once I get up its fine I don’t know if it is something to do with the MS or not it feels like the have frozen in place I also find that my ankles are very stiff and this is in both the ankles, its a strange feeling Any help would be a great help

My neuro is adamant MS does not cause achy joints. I know it doesn’t - directly - however, I’m convinced that years of abnormal muscle tone, altered gait, altered posture etc. etc. does put extra strain on our joints and tendons, leading to these problems.

For me it’s probably the worst problem, after fatigue, so it’s a bit frustrating to keep being told it’s nothing to do with it. They’re only interested in neuropathic pain, which for me is quite minimal, so far. I don’t accept the rest is “nothing to do with it”. It’s developed in parallel with the MS stuff over the years, and I’ve been tested for pretty much everything else under the sun. Complete rheumatology screening…twice! MS is the only investigation that ever came back with anything. So if it’s NOT caused by the MS, it’s a bit strange I’ve got all this pain all the time, from nothing. But they won’t have it.

Numerous reports of similar from others on this board help keep me sane. If I was the only person reporting anything like it, I would think my neuro must be right, and I’ve got something else sinister nobody has been able to find yet! But I’m quite satisfied in my own mind it’s the MS.



I also suffer from stiff knees - not any other part of me its only my knees. If you can imagine someone hitting your knees with a baseball bat and after the initial pain has gone you are left with that swollen feeling in the joint - the skin feels stretched too.

Thats the best way i can think to describe it. I don’t have arthritis (yet) and its not anywhere else