Is this normal in MS?


It has been a couple of months since I was diagnosed. Recently I have been experiencing pains in my knees and elbow and they seem very shaky. Is the quite normal in MS? If it is normal is it triggered off by cold weather?



hi salma

practically anything is possible with ms.

i don’t know your age but always remember that other afflictions can come along when you have ms.

it may be a touch of arthritis.

see what your gp says.

carole x

Hi Salma

Usually MS doesn’t attack joints. But as Carole said, anything’s possible. Do you have an MS nurse who you could ask?

Or it could be just cold weather making your joints creaky. Or the MS could be making you exercise less and there could be a knock on effect on your joints.

Or it could be another problem not associated with MS at all. There is a temptation to relate everything that goes wrong with our bodies to MS. And there could be something different happening. You could see your GP and ask what s/he thinks?



Thank you for your replies. I don’t think it’s arthritis. I’m almost 38. It might be the cold weather. I have appointments with physio and ms nurses in April so will speak to them. As it’s early days of diagnosis I’m still learning and understanding MS. I’m trying not to blame everything on MS.

Thank you for your advice. Will check with nurses though