Stiff painful elbow

Morning, I’ve woken up this morning with a stiff, painful elbow? Is that a ms thing? I’ve not done anything to injure it or strained it doing anything. Not slept on it funny. Just magically appeared. Ow!!!

Maybe or may not be. I get this quite often and the chiropractor sees me straight away. He knows it isn’t tennis elbow but he treats it as such and sorts it for me. I know chiropractors are not everybody’s cup of tea but for me it has helped so much particularly the deep muscle massage/manipulation of shoulders and back. Just wish I could afford it more often.

I was referred (through work) to physio, for a painful elbow and the lady gave it a deep massage and slowly it is improving, boy, was it sore getting it done, but she is the expert.

hi peeps

iv had sore stiff slow to work right arm for a week now from sholder, elbow, wrist and this am my fingers again right side were swollen, I had to go shop and turning the wheel of my car was such hard work, anyone no if this is just ms doing its thing or the start of a laps, i am in mega pain in my back n cant stand up straight, need my stick indoors feel realy tied to.

paula x

I’ve had a stiff, painful elbow for the past couple of weeks too. Haven’t injured mine either but just woke up like it. I also had a stiff shoulder on the same side. The shoulder is better and the elbow is gradually easing but flares up a bit with anything repetitive so gardening on Saturday wasn’t a good idea but it was such a lovely day for pulling up weeds.

Tracey x