Muscle pain

My left shoulder always has a tingly itchy thing going on. It’s been there now for over 4 months I’d guess. A few weeks ago the muscle right by the tingly itchy sensation has become very painful and stiff, at first I though I’d slept on my shoulder funny, but as it hasn’t gone away I don’t think that’s the case. (This same muscle has done this before, one time to the point I couldn’t move!) Anyway it has become more painful overnight and the pain is now running down the back of my left arm. It’s a horrible pain (not that there are any nice pains of course!! :smiley: ) Not sure what to do about it, thought about GP, but in my surgery an appointment is about a week later!! Thanks for any advice xx

I thought all GP surgeries were supposed to do emergency appointments? Have you asked for one? If they don’t, then your best bet is your local Minor Injuries Unit or A&E. Even if they can’t diagnose it, they should give you pain relief at least (I would hope anyway!). In the meantime, you could try a heat pad or ice pack. Sometimes they can help. I hope it goes soon. Karen x