Back again

Hi all,

I’m coming up to my first site ‘birthday’. I never dreamed I would still be here in limbo after all this time. Symptoms never went fully away, and now they are starting to creep back.

I still have slightly altered sensations in my right foot. I trip up if I’m not concentrating (pesky toes on right foot are far too ‘sticky’). Pins & needles buzz away in both my feet all the time.

One GP diagnosed carpel tunnel and cubital tunnel. The next said rubbish, I’m just irritating the nerves in my neck by having a bad posture. One GP told me that I have trouble gripping things because I have arthritis in my fingers. Another has told me that my hands get stiff because of Raynauld’s (but primary not secondary, because there is nothing else wrong with me!).

At the moment things hurt more than they did, which is why I’ve popped back to the site. My right thigh muscle (the quad at the front) aches all the time. It feels like it’s tired all the time. Like it’s tight or something. It’s getting to the point that it’s punctuating my dreams and waking me up.

I’ve made a GP appointment, but first available one is over a week away. Ibuprofen isn’t touching it. It’s been getting worse for the last couple of weeks. Has anyone got any suggestions of how to cope with it until I see the doc? Is this sort of pain muscular or neurological?

When the neuro discharged me back to GP (clear MRI & nerve conduction tests) he had no diagnosis, but gave instructions for prescribing neuro painkillers, and didn’t say anything about muscles aching & being too tight. My GP appointment is with the lovely GP who originally referred me, rather than the crappy new one, who even had the cheek to tell me that the awful pain I keep getting in my left Achilles’ tendon is be expected at my age (I’m only 49, & a very fit one at that!).

Any help/tips gratefully received!


hi paula

do you have physiotherapy?

anyway there is a yoga pose called “alligator twist”.

it relieves all manner of aches and pains.

good luck

carole x

Thanks Carole. I’ll google it. Physio told me that they can’t help me without a diagnosis. Different physio is needed for neurological and functional problems. Neurologist implied neurological, but didn’t give any formal diagnosis, so physios don’t want to know. Could lie and tell them that I strained my thigh muscle. I’m sure they’d see me then.

well if you had already done a bit of yoga and knew the aligator pose, you would have tried it anyway.

with yoga it is important not to strain yourself.

give it a go

carole x

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