muscle pain ?

Hi All

Hoping to get some advice on some new symptoms which I have been told is not Ms related .

For the last 3 months i have been suffering from worsening Muscle pain in my shoulders ( at the front ) , neck , elbows and

knees . I do also have pain elsewhere , arms in general but not as bad . I contacted my Ms nurse who said she didnt think it

was Ms related and to go back to my Gp .

My Gp did loads of blood tests which were all fine . I am currently taking a low dose of prednisolone as she is thinking maybe

Polymialgia but so far this hasnt helped .

Does anyone have any ideas as to what this could be .

I take Gilenya and have done for 2yrs with no bad side effects to report .

Thank you

surprised she didnt diagnose you with fibromyalgia. neck shoulder etc is classic. do you use a stick? sometimes these things are down to sitting posture, repetitious injury i.e. typing a lot or playing games and even mattress. the list is endless. I have friends who suffer same without MS.

so well sorry not much help but i do know heat pads help. x

You could do worse than get a physio to check you out and see if a cause can be identified. Sometimes a gentle stretching programme can help

Have you considered acupuncture for pain relief?

Hi smurf. A massage will probably help. It will loosen the muscles in your shoulders and heat pads are definiatley worth trying. Crazy Chick is right it sounds like you have probably got fibromyalgia if you have pain all over your body.