Sensitive hearing

Hi Everyone.

I hope you’re all okay. I need advice please. Hearing sensitivity isn’t a new thing, where every sound is magnified and extra loud. This usually happens in both ears and only for a day or two. I’ve now had this for over two weeks. It’s only in my left ear but all sounds are REALLY loud, distorted and accompanied by a whistling sensation. I can’t tell you how distressing it is. The fridge, freezer, tumble drier, washing machine etc are driving me insane, and I can’t cope with voices, the tv or radio. The ringing phone or dog barking can bring me close to tears.

I went to the GP yesterday and nearly fell off my chair when she hit the tuning fork. She checked my ears and can’t see anything, so thinks it’s probably neurological. Normally I put headphones on and listen to a book as I can set the volume low and just hear one voice which is calming. Obviously that’s not going to work now. I’m wearing ear plugs in my left ear and can’t leave the house but I can’t do that long term…

Does anyone have any suggestions or have you experienced anything like this lasting so long? I’m supposed to spend this weekend in a barn helping with a live nativity, so lots of people and animals in a huge echoing space. Can you imagine anything worse when your ears are sensitive?


Cath x

Hi Cath

I am sorry to hear about this, and have no wonderful advice, but wanted you to know I sympathize.

I have not experienced what you are going through, but I have tinnitus which is frustrating, and was advised to have background low music on to try to distract from it, but can’t honestly say it has helped much.

I hope someone will have some suggestions for you, and it gets better, take care.

Pam x

Thanks Pam. I’m watching tv on low with my left ear plugged and it’s helping, but the fact that I’m really enjoying what I’m watching and distracted may be the cause too.

I’m very grateful for your suggestion as like the music on low, the tv might be helpful. If nothing else, my dog loves tv and is more settled when it’s on so he doesn’t hear the kids at school across the road and bark. Win, win!!

Cath x

Cath , I think I have a similar thing . I feel as if my heads in a helmet and my ears need to pop usually my tinnitus is bad and noises hurt one ear is always affected the most , and often develops pain too . I’m on amitriptyline it helped take away the panic attacks that this brought on. I hope that you feel better soon. Michelle and Frazer xx

Thanks Michelle. I went to the GP to make sure it wasn’t an infection or a ruptured ear drum etc, she thought it was neurological but also referred me to ENT. My Neuro said he doesn’t think it’s neurological and is trying to push my MRI I’m to have before starting Ocrevus forward. So I’m still just using ear plugs to stay sane and we’ll see. Hopefully it’ll just go with time, but three weeks down the line getting frustrated, but that’s not helping. I’m on Amitriptyline 50mg and I don’t feel anxious, I don’t think that’s the cause, but I welcome all suggestions.


Cath x

Cath , do you think it could be trigimal neuralgia? They said that’s what mine was , I had terrible pain in my ear and was sure it was an ear infection. Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi Michelle.

When I’ve had an ear infection there’s been pain. I have no pain at all only the sound distortion. I have an ENT appointment at the end of January and I’ll let you all know what he says.

Thanks for your suggestions, I’m able to advise you all that if you need ear plugs at any time it’s worth spending that bit more and getting wax plugs because the foam ones were rubbish, both fit and sound blocking was much better with wax. Take care.

Cath x