When my sits in his office and i#m in the living room and he hearin loud music my ear drums start pulsating can any one give me a tip so when I speak to my dr I can ask him about it.



i am not quite sure what you are saying/asking?

because my vision is affected i think other senses are more sensitive to compensate-my hearing is very sensitive and can feel as if i would benefit from my ears ‘popping’.

dunno if thats helpful or not!

take care, ellie

That helped alot cause my vision have ben alo affected cause right is fine and to the leht I have double vision and things are a little fuzzer thanks that helped alot.


hiya bea

i can see light and dark but no colour in left eye. right is ok, tho previously damaged by ON too. it was easier when left was totally kaput as i think it still tries to focus/help but it cant!

if i want to focus on something specific its easier to close left!

take care, ellie

Okay thanks ellie i you gave my the word i was looking for

so i can better explain it better to my dr.


Hi Bea

I often feel that my hearing becomes over sensitive. I hear everything … the fridge, freezer, even the telephone line humming. And God forbid my daughter puts the tv or music on. Even her speaking in a normal tone feels like she’s shouting at me. I can’t describe it other than to imagine someone has given me hearing aids and turned them up to maximum. Sound familiar?

My solution, listen to a talking book through noise canceling head phones. Quietly. The concentration on only one voice and no interference is bliss. I’m sure I’d go insane without this. Does this help any?

Cath x

My hearing is affected too. I suffer from tinnitus it’s really bad in my left ear . But I can also relate to what Cath is saying , I find that my ears are extra sensitive some noises hurt . I’m not sure why but even voices at a normal level can feel painful. It’s probably worse when I’m tired . I think sensory overload is common, my eyes also struggle with bright lights and I have bad double vision . I used to like shopping but now I find it scary in a big department store or large supermarket it’s like a strobe lighting affect and I can feel overwhelmed by the colours and shapes and quite nausated. Michelle and Frazer xx

Michelle I wonder if all of our senses sometimes go into overload. Like you I get the double vision, but I also “hallucinate”, seeing movement out of the corner of my eye when there’s nothing there to move. My skin also becomes hyper sensitive, my clothes feel like they’re lined with sandpaper, as if I’ve been scalded. When that happens I can only wear very loose soft fabrics and forget anything like a bra that is elastic or constrictive.

Does anyone else get this? I’ve heard of hearing and vision problems mentioned before, but I’ve not heard anyone else mention the skin sensitivity. Hope you’re all staying warm and safe during this cold snowy spell.

Cath x

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hiya cath

if my skin is lightly touched then its agony-like being stabbed with a fork. if firm grip its ok.

strange but true!


ps think the official word is hypersensitivity

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Me too Cath on both counts…keep thinking I see something moving out of the corner of my eye, hate mice and always think it may be one! Also in bed my pj’s feel like sandpaper when they touch my legs, even though they are fluffy, neuro said its neuropathic overload, so up the ami, but then that causes more problems, so we can’t win.

Blizzards here, absolutely b…y awful, keep warm everyone and staY safe.

Pam x

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I have the skin sensitivity thing too and I see things in my peripheral vision! The skin thing is why I often don’t get dressed, bras are positively torturous! Fatigue is the main reason though. Another thing I get on my skin is the feeling that I have exposed patches of flesh, it’s agonizing but when I look, of course, there’s nothing there!

Nina x

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Wow I’m so glad it’s not only me. Thanks for your responses, maybe I’m not either going insane or being a complete wimp who needs to add imaginary symptoms to the ones I can substantiate. You don’t really see all these little (at times not so little) sensations on any ms symptom lists.

Pam you mentioned sensory overload - I wonder then if it’s not made worse when other symptoms are severe, Nina you mentioned it being worse when fatigue is a problem. For me it’s usually worse when I’m tired or in pain, it doesn’t matter whether the pain is neurological or muscular. It might be worth noting if there’s a specific trigger or if it manifests without other stimulation.

Hope you’re all warm and safe. We’ve had only the tiniest bit of snow during this cold snap, by the time I’d got my ice spikes on my shoes and walking stick it had all melted. The joys of living in a village surrounded by beach on three sides. That sounds idyllic but the reality is that it’s all sinking sand.

Cath x