Light and sound sensitive

Hi just pondering really and wondered if anybody could relate to what I’m experiencing. I had a confirmed dx about 2 wks ago and am due to see Neuro again at the end of Nov. In the last wk my eyes become incredibly sensitive, sore and a little weepy in, what I consider to be, bright light. In shops, outside, using PC and watching TV.

I’ve had an eye test in the last few wks and was told there were no problems and I only require a minimal prescription if I choose it. I chose not due to cost, but am now considering getting some just for the light reactive coating or the anti-reflection/glare (whatever it’s called) coating.

Any ideas??

Thanks x

there goes my memory again . Is it likely that the light sensitivity is a symptom of MS?

And I didn’t even mention the probs with sound but I’ll request a hearing check asap. Out of interest tho does anybody else suffer with difficulty in discriminating speech against a noisy background or a heightened sensitivity to sound/noise? I have looked into it and it could be something to do with this relapse and will hopefully pass. But I don’t know how long I should leave it before requesting/demanding lol a hearing test.

Thanks again xxx

As far as I know, light sensitivity is a sign of optic neuritis. If I were you, I’d ask my GP to refer me to the eye hospital to get it checked out - ON isn’t always detectable by normal optician’s tests.

Hearing can also be affected by MS. Best to get it checked out by ENT to make sure it’s not something other than MS, and to see if it’s something that they can help you with. Your GP can refer you there too.

Welcome to the world of medical appointments being the most common entry in our diaries!

Karen x

Hi Kirstie

I definitely have trouble concentrating on something if there’s too much going on in the background - if it’s too loud or if two or more people are talking at once etc. This can be worse when I’m really tired or if I’m not well.

I also wear sunglasses if it’s remotely bright. Something which has got worse since I had ON last year. On the other hand I know several people who find that some types of lighting can bring on a migraine - which thankfully I don’t suffer from.

Probably best to get things checked out just to err on the side of caution.

Debbie xx

Thanks for the advice, seeing GP tomorrow so will ask for referrals for ears and eyes… lol Karen

Kirstie xx

Hi Emma.

I have this problem. The only solution I’ve found (apart from avoiding fluorescent lights) is to wear sunglasses. My husband first suggested it and my neuro seconded it. It’s not a perfect solution, but it does help. I do look a bit “wannabe” when I’m in the supermarket, but at least I can go there now!

There are different types of lights. I can’t remember what ones are best, but the problem is something to do with the flicker rate. If you google epilepsy and migraine and fluorescent lights you’ll find out loads. It’s the same problem for some of us.

Getting the bulbs changed to ones that don’t make you ill should be a “reasonable adjustment” that your employer could make I would think. Otherwise it’s a matter of moving your desk somewhere else?

Good luck!

Karen x