self harm

I’m goinng thru the ringer with atos at the moment still waiting for the dreaded decision, my mental health has took a nose dive and I’m constntly scared all the time, iv started to cut my arms to try to cope wth the stress, I’m scared to tell my dr about this coz I don’t want to get locked up, atos said they should have a decision by friday and the guy I spoke to said he cant understand why I was found fit fir work this time as every other time they didn’t need to see me for a assessment as they got wat they needed from the drs report, I broke down by this point n told him all my mdntal conitions and that I have ms n all this stress is making the ms n my metal health a lot worse to the point now I’m finding it very hard to cope, the sef hrm isn’t scaring me, its the thoughts of looking at all the tablets n thinking hoow easy it would be just to take them, I need help as its pushing me over the edge

Hi, taking the tablets really isn’t the answer. Please try and find someone you can talk to about this. Your doctor won’t just have you locked up. If not the doctor then is there a helpline you could call. I’m sfraid I’m pretty helpless as I know so little about self harming and what help is available. I’m sure there are many on the forums who could offer advice. Stay strong ((((HUGS))))


Hi sharon, just got off the phone to the lady at the samaritans n ii feel a bit better, not going to take any tablets, she said to put down everthing that’s gud instead of wats bad n concentrate on that n that I cud call again if I need to, I can’t stop cuttn my arms tho at the moment as its the only control I have left oer everything that’s going on, it makes me feel coz I ust feel scared n numb, I know people won’t understand that, but ineed some conrol over somethin to stop me goin nuts

Am so glad you phoned them. Stay strong and definitely call them again if you need to. Just take each day as it comes. Hope tomorrow dawns a little bit brighter and each day a bit better still. You’ll get there in the end


Hi Anon

I only know what I have read about cutting but my understanding is that the body releases endorphins to help you cope with the pain when you have an injury. It’s those endorphins that are making you feel temporarily better and in control. Of course the feeling doesn’t last and leads to a compulsion to cut.

Self-harming in this way is not being suicidal and confiding your actions to a doctor would not result in you “being locked up” It is neigh on impossible to quit this on your own – you need help. Please ask your GP to refer you to a therapist. If you have an MS nurse they may also be able to refer you. I think you would find it helpful to share your fears with a non judgmental professional who I’m sure will have seen it all before and will know how to set you on the right path.


I saw a therapist for mypersonality disrder n I ended up gettin worse, very sesion she kept reminding me thst I only had so many sessions left n that there’s no cure for it ( this I know) there’s no miracle cure to stop it there’s no way to get rid of it, so after 5 sessions I quit

Be kind to yourself and hope you are able to feel a little better tomorrow. Crucial to get some support - who cares what anyone thinks. Thinking of you, you will get through this xx