hello everyone

ive not been in this room very much for a while.

im really scared about a meeting thats happening next week. my doctor was very insistant im there .it will have my doctor, psychatrist, cpn and my ms nurse.
i dont know what to expect. my doctor said somthing about me talking about suicide or somthing…

im not looking forward to feeling cornered either.

can anyone say anything about these meetings and your experiances , thanks x



P.S m.s HAS TAKEN ABIT OF A back seat for me even though its definately causing me [probs as well but mentally things are so hard.

Please, moo, take an independent witness with you.

By independent I mean non-medical (partner, family member, even a neighbour or work colleague), but someone who can hear what is said to you.



Hi Moomoo i’m sorry hear you are having a tough time. I can relate to what you are saying.

When I was in the middle of my first long severe relapse (and didn’t know what was wrong with me) I had depression and severe anxiety.

I have seen two psychiatrists and the first one was very helpful. I paid to see him privately as I was struggling to get my head around things, he was a general psychiatrist with an interest in neurology. Then I saw him on the NHS, then he retired from the NHS. The second psychiatrist I didn’t feel there’s as much of a connection, so I have requested to see another.

I am having cognitive behavioural therapy (different therapist) on the NHS and this has been very useful for me. For ideas I can draw upon when I am struggling and some mindfulness based ideas. I meditate every day which helps reduce my anxiety. Your appointment is nothing to worry about, they want to see how you are and direct you to the best people that can help.

I picked up a leaflet from the waiting room of my CBT sessions. It states one in four people (of the general public) will use mental health services.


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thankyou both,## i dont have anyone who i can take in with me geoff.## Lenney hello and thankyou for replying.## i dont know any more whats to do with ms and whats to do with my messed up head.## the doctor said there going to dicuss my suicidal plans.## ive been self harming and recently my doc suggested that i have a personality disorder , i am scared to be labeled with one.## what has happened to me?## if im honest thje mental health forums have been more relavent to me lately than the ms forum here.## ms has taken a back seat i know thats bad but i just cant handle anything anymore.## moo

Hi for any NHS appointment including GP appointments we can have a chaperone this can be family, friend or a formal chaperone who is a trained member of staff. We can book to have a formal chaperone when the appointment is made or as soon as possible. xx

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dont think id have time for that

then reschedule if you do not think you will have time. you obvs need to talk to people if you are having suicidal thoughts and are self harming but you are also an adult and if you require another person at the meeting for your piece of mind, you are allowed (even if you were under age you are allowed, often it is required). and there is nothing wrong with having a personality disorder, please dont think that and be scared of being labelled as having one, no one but medical professionals need to know if that is what is decided, (and it can take years to get a diagnoses of a personality disorder). your normal GP can not diagnose a personality disorder, hence why a psychiatrist will be there, and like I said its not always a black and white thing can take years.

they really just want to help you and figure out the best ways to do that, might not seem like it at the moment due to other things going on in your head/body but it is true

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My beautiful daughter went through this 3 and a bit years ago. Although it was terrifying for her, and us, at the time, slowly she has started to pull through. She has diagnosed bipolar disorder and personality disorder. She had a meeting of this nature because she had attempted suicide. Since those bleak days she has improved - slowly. By learning all she can about how she is affected by her mental health and learning strategies for coping from her psychiatrist, nurse and gp working as a supportive team, she is a million miles from where she was. There are still panic attacks and days when she can’t cope but fewer of them.

Try to accept help. Try to understand how and why you are reacting in ways that involve self harm.

If you can have someone to accompany you - do so. My daughter would not let me go in to the meeting with her as she wanted to be able to talk freely about her feelings but she was very glad to have me waiting when she came out.

Take care, moo, and I hope things improve for you too.


Excellent advice given above, moo. The most important being that you MUST take someone in with you, and you can reschedule your appointment if you can’t get someone. It takes immense courage to ask for help.

Make no rash judgements. Take care fluffyollie xx

Hi Moo, please do not try to worry too much regarding your visit, I had psychiatric asistance years ago, and It helped me enormously…great advice from the others…and you know you always have the forum if you need to talk…your MS is probably only taking a back seat with at the moment, because you are not thinking about your physical pain, more your emotional pain, so your focus is elswhere ( if you know what I mean )? Good Luck, and warm wishes being sent to you x

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thankyou to everyone who has replied.

my husband should be there for me and with me and isnt so am on my own totally in it all.

my doctor said the meeting is happening weather im there or not.

i wasnt going to go but i want to know how there veiwing me… i dont trust anyone esp these people apart from the ms nurse.


Moo, it sounds to me as if you need to speak to someone before you attend this appointment, you are way too upset!..Please please please talk to one of your friends, or phone for counselling where they are great, and can support you 24/7…Or, if you get on well with your MS nurse, confide in them. Best of luck x

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