Getting help/Counselling


For the past 2 weeks ive really been struggling with my confidence/thoughts cos of my MS. Im not in a good positive place and alls I do is cry. A slight UTI had me struggling to walk, and I had to use crutches to move about. The anti-biotics i was on cleared up the UTI so today I went to a relapse clinic and my MS nurse was there but im even more confused and came out angry, confused and annoyed.They didnt help me at all.

Apparently I wasnt replasing and I got fobbed off with the “we’ll wait a few weeks and see if your symptoms improve or get worse” speil. I wanted to ask about counselling or if there was someone who I could speak to but didnt get the chance. Ive come away from my appointment not wanting to go back there ever again, my last meeting with my MS nurse was a complete waste of time aswell. I feel like Im all alone and have no one to talk to.

Im always upbeat and positive yet this has made me all negative and have horrible thoughts.

I’m sorry you are having such a bad time.

A couple of points: they may be hoping that the trouble you are having now will improve by itself now you have sorted out the UTI. They tend to be reluctant to use steroids unless they have run out of other options. As I’m sure you know, steroids are strong drugs and have nasty side effects. They tend only to use them when they’re out of other ideas - like waiting and seeing. It’s too bad they did not manage to explain their thinking better and more clearly to you.

Your GP is probably the best starting point to talk about counselling. They are likely to have advice on who to go to and might be able to offer something (particularly cognitive behavioural therapy - CBT) without charge. Have a chat with your GP and find out what is available, I would suggest.

I hope that tomorrow is a better day for you and that things start to improve soon.



Thankyou for replying.

I told them whenever ive had a UTI before ive never had symptoms like these where I could barely walk. He said there is something wrong with my legs but thats because of the nerve damage on the spinal cord

I see my GP on monday about changing my anti-biotics so i shouldnt get UTI’s, Im gonna talk to him about couselling. When ive seen him lately he’s always asked me have I been intouch with the MS nurses.

Thankyou and thankyou for the advice

Sometimes it is so hard to get a clear understanding of what their thinking is. I’m sure that most of us on here will have felt the same at one time or another so don’t worry - you are not alone! It can feel as if you are going round in circles, I know.

I hope you have a nice restful weekend and a good chat with the GP on Monday.



He was speaking to me like I was dumb! What he was saying I already knew, Ive been told it by my GP and what ive read up on MS. It does feel like that, I hate going to that hospital cos I come out feeling so horrible and in a really bad negative mood that gets worse throughout the day.

Thankyou, I hope so too lol. He’ll help me on monday.

(((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))))))))))))) for Monday, be thinking of you.

Janet x

Aw, thankyou! (((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))) to you aswell. I’ll let you know how I get on. Feeling pretty positive about seeing him and about what he’ll say and do

Utis can trigger symptoms and cause like a false relapse which they don’t like to treat with steroids, however you should be offered help with treating and managing symptoms especially low mood. My last infection set off severe anxiety and left me depressed, I’m awaiting some psychotherapy now and am taking meds for anxiety which help a lot. Three months down the line and I can see a light at the end of the tunnel, hope you feel better soon x

I thought I was replasing cos ive never had these symptoms when ive had a UTI before and it was stressing me out and I got myself into a state where I thought I wasnt gonna get better cos I was relapsing for 10 months last time before they even did anything. My physio said she cant tell me to do stuff cos im already doing it, but she did tell me to get a wii fit plus as studies have shown that it helps with balance and stuff. I love it!! I used the wii but when i got the wii fit plus ive noticed a difference -i do yoga everyday and my balance has improved

I hope you feel better soon

Have you thought about phoning your local ms branch to put you in touch with volunteer support workers who have considerable understanding of ms ( some may have it ) and have undergone training? Just a thought. They would not replace professional counsellers but you may still find them very helpful. Roger

I dont know if there is a local MS branch in my area but I will have a look, thanks for suggesting it .

It would help if you could actually speak to someone who has it instead of someone who doesnt know what its like or how you feel.

I went to see my GP yesterday, he checked my legs and feet and everything reacted the way they should. I had a good talk to him and I feel so much better, when I come back from seeing him I feel so much better and more positive and happier. Im on different anti-biotics and my Baclofen dosage has been upped. I asked him if I could go to counselling because I dont feel as if im coping well with it sometimes what with the setbacks and the struggling and he said when he sees me in a few weeks, just as a check up to see how I am, we’ll discuss it more. He also changed my anti-biotics and we spoke about things aswell.

I did tell him how much this site has helped me though as its nice to talk to people who have been through it and know how you feel and what its like