support in mental healthy and ms and help !!!

im losing it here. ive had so many things happening and changing around me recently that im not able to cope at all any more. just today my cpn rang me and said id no longer get there services as i dont want to take the perscribed medication. i have depression with anxiety and have been suicidal for a short time. i need help but it all seems to be leaving me. im stck on my own all day and all the cpn said was to offer me to contact a befrienders sceme which is stupid as its not friends i need but help.

it is all affecting my ms and my suport network is dwindling. i dont get out much apart from with a carer and as im regfestred partially sighted, ms and not mental health issues im not sure i can carry on if im honest.

i have a wonderful councellor but not sure how long that will carry on for.

i havwe bad [problems at home which make things 100 timeas worse for me. there are no disabled properties in my county and as a youngish woman still im not old enough for sheltered old people housing. im angry and really need some support for someone who might understand

thankyou. moo

any replys really would help xx


I’m sorry, Moomoo, I can only say that I wish things were a bit easier for you. Is there any scope for sitting down with the CPN and going through again what he/she wants you to do and your discomfort with that? See whether you could together come up with something that the CPN thinks might help and that you would be prepared to try? It seems to me that it would be a pity to lose the active support of the CPN - it might be worth thinking how to keep that channel open if you can and keep that relationship stable. Particularly with so much else going on, as you say.

Good luck.


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Hi moo sorry you haven’t had a response from anyone yet, I’m not much good at dishing out advice so I tend to leave it to others who do it better than me.

Who/what is cpn and which medication have you decided not to use? You mention a counsellor, does that mean your GP is aware of your depression and anxiety?

All I can suggest is you see your GP and advise him that things are not improving and are in fact getting worse.

Best wishes

Jan x

hi moo

sorry to hear how down hearted you are feeling.

i’m so tired today that i’m not going to try to advise you (can’t think straight, let alone type straight).

take care hon

we care about you on here.

please keep in touch

carole xxxxx

Hi Moomoo. Sorry you are having so much trouble. This is not gonna help your MS in any way. You know that though hun don’t you?

All I can say having worked in mental health for many years is that GPs have a lot of clout. In my experience if your GP shouts loud enough then the Mental Health Services will jump.

Go an chat with your GP. I am sure you already have but go again I would.

Good luck Moomoo.

Shazzie xx