Hi, My mum has MS and she struggles badly with depression! Im at my wits end with it and really dont knw where to go.or who to turn to? I guess im just looking for others who may experience the same situations and maybe get some advice on what to do or how to support her? Thanks xx

Hello hun.#

Oh I am sorry to hear what`s going on.

MS and depression often go hand in hand. The covid carry on hasnt helped and made a lot of people depressed.

Can you speak to her GP on her behalf. Maybe some meds will help.


Dear Ell,

Did you get a chance to talk to your Mum’s GP ? My wife Kym when she was down with MS, was prescribed with Fluoxetine (Prozac) which she called her ‘happy’ pill … I’d like to think it helped my wife to feel happier about her MS. She took it last thing at night and it helped her sleep.

Does she have family / friends that could make a visit to see her ? If you speak to the local council adult disabilities team, they may be able to give you the contacts for a local support group who could make contact or a network of trusted volunteers who could make a phone call to your Mum occasionally - that might help to pep her up a bit.

Perhaps if you and your Mum could consider a short break to somewhere in the UK or to visit other family, that might be something to consider. I know with Kym, I was always trying to give her things to look forward to, a visit out to something, a short break etc. obviously that might not be so easy in Covid restricted times but it might be that virtual contact via skype from other family might be possible.

Hope that helps,