Depression & MS


I am the sole carer for my mum since my fathers passing last year which is proving to be quite difficult. My Mum has had really low moods for a while now which have been previously noted by the consultant on our yearly reviews with a double dose of Amitriptyline the only outcome.

The past year has obviously been difficult with lots of change. We made the decision to move my mum into an independent living facility so she could remain independent whilst also having care options for when she felt it was needed.

She is 59 and has SP and uses a wheelchair full time. I’m really starting to find it difficult in providing emotional support as I’m unsure what she needs. At the facility she lives in they have a vast timetable of activities on a daily basis which she sometimes engages with but she gets this overwhelming feeling of loneliness however she seems to feel like she is “worthless” and “useless” and has expressed an interest in no longer being here anymore - however she has no plan to.

She had a GP appointment 2 months ago and has been referred to talking therapies and has has 12 weeks of counselling however I’m worried about her being able to express her emotions as sometimes she says she’s unsure what she feels and why.

Does anyone have any advice or has anyone been in a similar situation who can maybe guide me in the right direction of support? I’m unsure if this is linked to her MS or not but her yearly consultation is coming up so should I wait for that?

Sorry for the long post but thank you to anyone who has taken time to read this

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Hello KB. From what I know and going by my own experience, depression often comes with MS - either as a direct effect of MS on brain chemistry or just as a quite natural response to having an incurable progressive disease.

Incidence of depression in MS people is much higher than in the wider population.

In my case I take an antidepressant- Citalopram- which helps enormously. Has your mother been offered any antidepressants?

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Same here. Different anti-D in my case, but I share your sentiments 100%.

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