Scheiss Corona!

Sorry, I admit it… (I have to anyway). I am not very good at making links etc, especially as my own laptop seems to have some kind of virus itself! (I am using my son’s…, I do have permission!). If you want to see something lighthearted under the present circumstances, then go to YouTube and watch ‘Scheiss Corona’ by The Disharmonists (you guessed right, it’s in german -I’m a NON flying dutchman myself by the way-).

I do wish you all the very best under these unprecedented circumstances! Also, we have a garden here, and I feel truly sorry for the people, especially those families with problems or worse like us, who canNOT go out! Take care.

I`ve been very glad of my back garden and decking. Must be awful to be able to go outside at all.

Keep safe


Me, too. I was wondering why so many people were going to public parks and whatnot, and then it was Duh! They live in apartment buildings and don’t have yards to play in. It’s almost cold enough to snow here, but I managed to use my new riding mower to get the grass cut this morning. It was great just being outside for an hour.

I was getting snippy about people heading out before remembering how lucky I am to not living in a tower block. I guess it is human nature to see things mainly from our own perspective. I am now more sympathetic to some folk who must be pretty stressed by these circumstances.

Mick (always learning)