I'm Baaaack!

Hi All,


Been away for awhile due to the death of my computer. But I now have a new one and am able to rejoin the human race.


I am currently locked in battle wth my OT and a builder over the building of an access deck and ramp into my garden. I was given funding from the Dept of Human Services for this but it has been a disaster as the OT did not brief the builder, gave him no measurements and the result is a deck that was built so close to the door that I literally fell off it the first time I went outside.


The builder came back to add an extension and a hand rail but OMG, talk about Bodge the Builder. It is made of rough off cuts, it is not square and the whole thoing looks like a cubby house built by 12 year olds.


I have contacted the Dept, after all they funded this thing! And they are appalled. Hopefully they will be able to sort this disaster out for me soon.


Otherwise I am OK. Now I am off to catch up on lots of reading and find out how you all are.






Nice to see you back on here, Belinda.




Yay! Belinda happy2

Welcome home happy2


Karen xx

Oh good.Glad you're back.


Onward and upward now hello


Bonnie xxx



Welcome back, Belinda


You've been missed



Hello Belinda! I was wondering where you were. I knew you were au fait with the new system, so thought it couldn`t be that what had made you disappear.


It certainly does sound like a botched job the builder did for you.

As the dept was paying for the work, did they pay up before the extension part was added?

If so then Bob the Builder may disappear himself, eh?

I have just had  a ceiling hoist installed and the invoice won`t be settled until an inspector comes to satisfy the council`s rules on works standards.

Hope you get the job made better.

Oh and glad you`re back too. Your input to these boards is invaluable.


luv Pollx

Hi Belinda


Welcome back, hope your problem gets sorted out quickly for you.