Scary, very, very scary - part II

Last week I wrote that I had a UTI and that the UTI had caused my legs to seize up which to me lying on the bedroom floor for an hour until the ambulance men lifted me back on to the bed. At the time of writing that message, I had started the antibiotics and thought I was on the mend. Not so!

Every UTI until now has followed the same pattern - i.e. Get UTI; feel awful; start antibiotics; after a couple of days, feel a bit better; after a week of the antibiotics, feel back to normal.

Got an initial review of the urine sample and started antibiotics. So, I thought They were working. Legs weren’t as stiff, I could move around slightly better and the antibiotics seemed to be doing their job.

Then On Saturday, all hell broke loose. The rigid legs came back and the urgency and frequency in needing to pee was hideous. At one point, I was peeing every 15 minutes and a lot of times, the urgency meant that I wasn’t able to get to the loo on time. Thankfully the pads took the brunt of things.

On Monday, I called the GP’s office to get the full urine sample results, and was told that I needed a different type of antibiotic to completely kill the infection. It was only after a couple of days that I started to feel better and probably today, apart from the fatigue, is the best I’ve been for about 10 days. I was properly out and about today. Before today if the journey was going to be longer than 15 minutes, I couldn’t trust the bladder, plus I felt so crappy that I didn’t want to go anywhere.

sorry for prattling on but I’m just happy that the UTI seems to finally have been killed off.


congratulations derek!

bet you never thought you’d be congratulated on this!

never apologise for ‘prattling on’.

you’re just very happy to see the light at the end of a dark, scary tunnel.

i’m happy for you

carole x

It always depends on what the bacteria is as to which antibiotics will work on that bug. And the problem is that it takes several days for the lab to grow the bacteria from your wee specimen.

So the GPs tend to give you a type of antibiotic which will kill off e.coli. Typically in my surgery that’s Trimethoprim. But if it’s not caused by e.coli, those antibiotics won’t cure you, and meanwhile the bug will get stronger and nastier.

That’s probably been the case with you Derek. And an out of control UTI can be a very nasty little set of demons to have inhabiting your urinary tract indeed.

At the present time I spend my life feeling like I’m about to wet myself. I know if I actually do, that I’ve probably got a UTI.

What a horrible couple of weeks you’ve had. I’m glad it’s getting back to normal now.


derek you’ve really triggered my poor brain into serious thought. SSSue’s reply made me think that i may have a UTI. my pee looks clear but i seem to be always feeling as though i’m about to wet myself and often do. so that’s my task for the week - see my gp for testing. wishing everyone an infection free week. carole x thank you both for nudging me into action.

Carole & Sue, Thanks for the replies. The first antibiotic was nitrofurantin. It seemed to do part of the job. Then after the full results came back, I had a citrobakter koseri bug and was prescribed trimethoprim which looks like it has done the job. Carole, please go and get tested as you never know what might be lurking there. I always have an element of urgency, frequency and discomfort in the abdomen. Been checked loads of times and nothing inherent has been found. If any of the urgency, frequency and discomfort increases or if the urine is cloudy or smelly, I’ve got simple dip tests at home. If the home test shows nothing, I guzzle gallons of water and that seems to flush things out. If the home test shows something, I’m at the GP’s surgery straight away with my sample bottle in hand. Feeling almost back to normal and was thinking of venturing further afield today, but it’s cold outside and wind would cut you in half, so it looks like another quiet day. Derek

I’d second that advice about getting dip test strips. Because I feel like I want to go all the damn time (seeing the urologist on a Wednesday), I test mine about 3 times a week at the moment. Haven’t had a UTI since after the SPC was removed in September, but that doesn’t stop me testing it!