Help! How long to recover from UTI / Pseudoexacerbation?

Hi everyone, I have never posted before but had quite a frightening experience at the weekend that I am just looking for your advice.

My husband’s walking has been a little worse than usual for the last month or so but we put it down to the new drug he was on, and thought it might take a while for his body to get used to it. On Saturday night however he was having to go to the toilet more frequently and he ended up collapsing and had absolutely no strength in his body.

We managed to get him into bed and the doctor came out to advise he had a UTI and gave him a course of antibiotics which he is now on his 3rd day of. He’s never had a UTI before so the symptoms sent us both into a panic thinking he had gone way down hill (he couldn’t even turn round in bed). He’s up and about again, but his walking/ataxia is really bad and he is petrified that he will be left with this.

I just wondered from your experiences how long it usually takes for a UTI to clear (although I know everyone will be different). I’m hoping that the UTI had been working on him for weeks which perhaps caused the fatigue for the last few weeks, hopefully he’ll be even better than before!

Sorry for the huge post, it’s good to talk as we don’t want to worry our families unnecessarily!


hi anon

the anti biotics will work on his UTI but if it has caused a pseudo relapse things will take longer.

i had a horrible relapse earlier this year which my ms nurse said was a pseuso relapse but it felt more serious to me.

baby steps are the way forward.

encourage him to stay positive because, in the words of my favourite saying, sh*t happens!! (unless constipation is your problem)

he will feel better eventually!

carole x

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Sorry, I don’t really suffer from UTIs (touching wood as I write, here, as I do have a bit of trouble “going”).

But, in my experience, a pseudo-exacerbation caused by an infection (any infection) lasts as long as the infection does - no longer.

For example, last week I had a heavy head cold, which made everything else worse too. Now the cold is better (well, almost), so is all the other stuff.

So really, I suppose your question boils down to: “How long do antibiotics take to work?” The length of the course should be an indication. IF they’re going to work, most people can expect to feel better before the end of the course, but it’s important to continue to the end regardless - you don’t want to half-kill the infection, and let it come back stronger and more resistant, so always take the lot.

Hope they do the job soon!


Thank you both, yes sh*t certainly does happen…great phrase lol!

We’ll just need to wait and see, probably just needing the reassurance that there is unlikely to be no permanent lasting damage. He got 7 days worth of antibiotics, so only on day 3. We’ll get the docs to test to make sure it’s clear when he’s finished, just to be on the safe side I think but will definitely finish off the course.

Thanks again xx

Hello, sorry I thought I replied but doesn’t seem to have posted.

Thank you both, think I was just looking for some reassurance that there will not be any permanent damage. He’s on day 3 of 7 of his course on antibiotics - will definitely make sure he finishes them. When finished we’ll go back to the doctor to take another test to make sure the infection is gone.

Sh*t most certainly does happen lol!!

Thanks again


I’ve only had one UTI so far (and never want another!). Once I had the antibiotics I was feeling much better in myself by day 4 but of course we are all different and one UTI can be more severe than another. In your husband’s case, it may be that partly the fatigue was getting used to a new drug and partly it was due to the UTI. Hope your husband feels much better soon. If he doesn’t seem to be improving, don’t hesitate to speak to his MS nurse for advice even if it’s just for reassurance.

Tracey x

I’m just recovering from a horrendous UTI which caused my legs to stop working, my bladder and bowels to overwork and my whole body to feel generally sh*tty. I was in a fair bit of confusion for about 10 days and was convinced my legs etc would never get any better. But, after almost 2 weeks of antibiotics things are settling and getting back to normal (whatever normal is). So, stick with it and hopefully things will work out ok.


i am just starting my 5th this year , never suffered from them before and as everyone has said you would not think they could be so awful and make you feel so grotty. my doc very good now i just have to ring up and say i have another infection and he will give me a script for antibiotics .

Thanks everyone. I have attempted to reply about 3 times but the posts don’t seem to be uploading for some reason! You’ll probably end up seeing 3 replies from me soon!

It’s really comforting to know that this is quite common and hopefully he’ll back back to ‘normal’ soon! Thank you taking the time to respond.

He is only on day 3 of the antibiotics so hopefully they will kick in soon to allow him to get back to work…he’s climbing the walls! I’ve insisted though that he takes at least the week off and take it from there…plenty of rest and fluids (and less of the xbox!)

Thank you again, it’s really frightening when things happen for the first time!

Hello GLA1234

A UTI can be bad news.When you have finished your course of antibiotics ask the surgery to check a urine sample to ensure the UTI has cleared up. If not ask doctor for a stronger antibiotic.

I have been hospitalised because of a UTI turned out to be very very nasty, turned out I had sepsis as well. They are a fact of life especially if you self catheterise. You need to take a few simple precautions. I now use Manfred catheters and think they are very good

The good news is that the effects that you talked about do go away, at least that has been my experience.

Go to my website and type in UTI in search bar (Top RHS) then hit return.

Good luck,


Hi Patrick,

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Thank you for your post, it has been really nasty but hopefully we caught it in time. I think it’s just scary when it’s happening for the first time. We will definitely go back to the doctors to check he has the all clear and I will have a nosey at your website!

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond,

Hi, I had a bad UTI earlier this year. It made me dizzy and I could hardly walk. I was given a weeks worth of antibiotics and within 3 days I was better. It may be worth having another test in case the antibiotics haven’t cleared up the infection. I hope your hubby feels better soon.


Thank you, I think this one is going to take a little longer although everyone’s comments have assured me that there will be no permanent damage. On day 5 of antibiotics; feels better apart from his walking which is still bad. His body tremor is really bad especially when anxious to get to the loo.! Phoned the docs and arranged to get checked out when he is finished his 7 day course of antibiotics and will get more if not clear. Bought cranberry everything now…juice, yoghurt drinks, berries! No way can this come back lol!

Hi GLA1234,

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Hi all,

Well hubby completed first course of antibiotics and felt not too bad, went back to work for 3 days and then started to feel bad again. Urine was tested and didn’t show anything but his GP gave him another course of 7 days of a different antibiotic and he has stayed off work for the week to rest.

It’s his last day of antibiotics today, and things were looking good until he started getting ready. His legs are completely fatigued and struggling to walk.

I am thinking it could be the antibiotics that have just zapped his energy, but he is desperate to get back to work on Monday and I’m wondering if more antibiotics are needed or if he just needs to let his body rest.

Will these symptoms go away? How long could it take?

Thank you