scared !!

Hi gang,

i am so so scared, the last few weeks i have felt really bad,today, i can hardly stand,and i am scared i feel like i am dying i feel that bad,i think i am having a relapse,had one 2 and a half yr ago, that left me unable to function much at all for 4 months, i cant go thru it all again,i really cant,ive had ms 24 yrs now and its getting so much worse now,i have always been lucky to have got some normality back,but i feel my lucks running out now,am i going to be in bed forever, i cant cope, i really cant.

J x

J I am probably stating the obvious but have you got some sort of infection urine is my default and can lay me so low I am unable to move. Phone your GP for some tests starting with urine.


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Hi Don,

i havent got a urine infection,i have some testing sticks i have used and my urines normal,i know its the start of a sodding relapse,like i said last bad one was 2 and a half yr ago.i keep breaking down into floods of tears, and i NEVER cry.i have just upset my poor daughter.i hate the kids seeing me so upset like this,its not just tears either i sob my heart out, i have always been strong for both my kids,i have had to be,i brought them both up myself,one because of divorce,(he was a pratt) and then i remarried years later and sadly he died when my daughter was 2,i hate this being out of control i really do,when i feel this bad i just dont know what to do with myself,last relapse left me in bed for months,but i managed to get going to the point i could get to the bathroom and dress myself,and potter about a bit,which i am very thankful for, i know i have been lucky to get going again, i am just really very scared that i wont this time.sorry for going on.i am so pleased i can come on here and know people understand.

J x

Hi life fu££ing sucks, how many times have we thought there’s no way back from where we are? It takes so long to do everything and no-one gets it? I am a great believer in antidepressants we all need a crutch to lean on.

I too am strong for my kids to the extent they think it’s a breezeyou can’t win. I know this won’t help much but try to take things a bit at a time and don’t think where is disease taking me. One day at a time you can do this, we are here for youpunch a pillow, go somewhere and scream your head off. Don’t think relapse, this too will pass, take care and life fuc£ing sucks! M

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MS can be frightening. Please try to keep calm. It could well be a nasty phase that will pass leaving no mark. I have had awful temporary symptoms that have come and gone again. I try to batten down the hatches and ride it out.

Wishing you all the best.

Mrs J, I don’t think there’s much I can say at the moment that will make you instantly feel better. Unfortunately MS is one of those nasty illnesses that kick when you’re down and can’t be fought even with the best will in the world. Have you considered an anti depressant? They are not magic pills that will numb the senses or remove the stress but they do make you feel calmer so you’re able to think straight and help you sleep which helps more than you realise.

Many of us take them and I personally can’t manage without mine. Can you see your ms nurse or Neuro? This is their specialty and they may have recommendations or someone you can talk to. I’m sure most of us have felt overwhelmed looking at our futures and have hit the panic button too so can relate a bit to how you’re feeling, it’s awful.

I hope you get answers and we’re all here for you even though we can’t give you the replies that will take these feelings away, I really wish I could though. Try to rest, easier said than done I know. Thinking about you…

Cath x

by the way i am secondary progressive BUT still have relapses,they tell me you should stop having them when you move onto spms,i so wish i could stop having them.

J x

Hi cath, i already do take an anti depressant have done for quite a few years, this crying is always part of a relapse, like i said i am not one to cry,never have done,and when i cry like this, i know i am in for a rough time of it, i dont feel depressed i feel really scared,and really tearful and very ill, and weak physically and mentally.

J x

You are having a hellish time of it, try speaking to MS nurse or someone that’s there for you from the medical profession! Sometimes you need to change to another antidepressant, see your GP. You should not have to suffer this way, seek help! They can help, just tell them what’s going on. M

Oh Mrs J, I so wish I had a magic wand to wave this all away for you, if only it was that easy.

Do have a word with your nnurse or gp, they are there to help, especially at times like you are experiencing.

Sending you ((((hugs)))) to let you know we are all thinking of you, take one day at a time, best wishes.

Pam x

MrsJ Sending you my support, MS is the pitts it brings us down then kicks us just to make sure we know it’s still there. I can’t add anything that hasn’t already been said but I urge you to ring your MS Nurse, have you considered Steriods, would they prescribe when they consider you SP with Relapses? I also urge you to consider/take advice about upping your dose of anti depressants to help you over this latest setback.

Please keep posting and let us know how you are getting on, cyber hugs from me.

Jan x

Hello Mrs J

just wanted to say how sorry i am. everyones support on here always helps me its a vey scary feeling when you feel out of control i hope that you get the help you need

Sending big hugs Michelle x

MrsJ do you have a MS nurse? Get one to call you. Don

Hi Mrs J,

I’m so sorry you are having such an awful time. Can you see your nurse, GP or consultant? Rest and sleep as much as you can. I do hope it passes soon but in the meantime sending you massive hugs and thinking about you.

Take good care of yourself and let us know how things go.

With love, Nina x

Hi Mrs J, hope you can speak to MS nurse, but really just want to send you huge cyber ((((((((((((((HUG)))))))))))))))

Hope you feel much much better soon.

Pat xx

Thanks for the replies and the hugs have helped me too,i am,feeling a bit better today,yesterday and the day before were so hard, i think the sobbing helped me i really do, i will have to cry more often,lol, i try to stay too strong a lot of the time,it bites you on the bum though.

coming on here really helps me more than you will ever know, thanks again all of you, i hope to god its just been a blip,only time will tell if i am having a relapse.

J x

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Glad today is a tad better for you, onwards and upwards, and I do think that letting the tears flow is better than bottling up for us.

Fingers crossed that each day will be better than the last.

Pam x

I wonder if you have a virus. Lots about right now.

Remember, because of our crazy immune systems, we don’t get viruses like ‘normal’ people. Often what we get is a worsening of MS symptoms and fatigue even worse than ever.

That could be it Mrs J… think if you’ve been in contact with anyone with flu? There’s a really bad one in London… actually it’s been around for a couple of months. Takes ages to recover from and didn’t make it into the flu jab.

Anyway I’m glad to hear you’re feeling a bit better.

{at xx

Could be Pat, i sometimes forget thats what can happen to us with ms, my daughter hasnt been too well, with a virus so maybe thats it.

J x

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Mrs J get to the GP for some tests blood and urine I know you said you have dip tested but they cant detect stuff as well as the lab. By he sounds of it you have some sort of infection that needs treatment, Don