Scared of homelessness

Hi all,

I might be being extremely paranoid but this is really bugging me.

I am 22 and my mum has MS. I am her primary carer, but she is able to do simple tasks . We don’t have any other family to help.

I am so scared that I will be made homeless if my mum needs care/needs to go into a care home. I have been living with her in our home all my life. I will be going to uni in September (made the decision to stay at home), and I’m so scared that I am going to be without a home if my mum has to go into care. What in the world would I do if homeless and trying to study!?

Does anyone have any more information regarding this, if worst comes to worst? I have been pushing myself into debilitating anxiety over this :frowning:


What a lot of worry for you, just when you should be able to look forward to a new stage in your life.

Is there a reason why your mother would need to go into a care home? You say she’s capable of simple tasks, does that mean she is able to be left alone at home while you are studying?

You might be as well contacting social services and asking them to do a ‘care assessment’. Rather than her have to leave her home and go into a residential home, she might qualify for carers to come in and help. The social services page would be on the website of your Borough, County, Unitary or Metropolitan Council.

When you say you’ve made the decision to stay at home, do you mean you will be studying in your home town/city so you will still remain living with your mum? In that case, there’s no reason really why, with the help of outside carers coming in, you won’t be able to manage.

Should the worst thing (in your mind) happen, and she has to enter care, what kind of accommodation do you live in now? If it’s council property, then your mother may be able to assign the tenancy to you, see: Assigning a tenancy - Shelter England for more information. Similar rights apply to housing association tenants: Assigning a tenancy - Shelter England

Hopefully you’ll fine. And able to relax, start college and make your new life free of the fear of homelessness.


Lots of factors to take in here. Who owns your home? Is there a mortgage, and who is paying it? If moms on benefits and you are a student/ caregiver? I’m the one with MS but when my mom went into a home the LA paid the costs for 6 wks, till stuff got sorted, so there is no IMMEDIATE panic. Might be as well, before you go to uni, to get mom to have a power if attorney put in place. This enables you (or whoever nominated) to handle her affairs, if she becomes unable to. Dealing with bills, banks and finaces then becomes much easier. It best done years in advance, so tell mom, its to set both your minds at rest.