Frightened of loosing my house


I care for my mum and i’m in my last year at uni. mum has primary progressive and though she can still communicate, she’s wheelchair bound, struggles to eat and has an awful memeory. i do most things for her and we do have carer come in so i can go to uni.

We are having problems with a loan and a mortage with a well know high street bank. we were ment to pay a loan of £5000 back in september but had been arragning a remortage. our re-mortage has fallen through and so we are left with a loan due now and a mortage that will run out in april.

i am scared im going to loose my home, its been adapted for my mum - we’ve got wide access doorways, a ceiling hoist, an adopted bathroom and kitchen as well as various ramps. i’m so scared that i’m keep panicking that the balifs will come round and that we’ll be chucked out onto the streets and have to live somewhere where there is no disabled facilities. i panic hat if we have to move can i take eqipment with me> what about my mum’s wheelchair which belings to the council?

I can’t sleep, eat and im struggling with panic attacks. i can’t cope. Does anyone have any words of comfort for me or advice? i’ve hired a mortage bokrer to see if we can get a mortage and we are still waiting, and i’ve spoken to my council about the mortage rescue scheme however you have to be in arreas to get that and be on the verge or repossession which are not quite yet but i keep thinking wer will be. We were on an interest only mortage which cannot be changed.

What if i loose my home? i don’t think i can cope with this all and im so scared.

hello callie and welcome,

i’m afraid i don’t know enough to give you much advice but try talking to the bank that you have the loan with and explain your situation, maybe they can work something out for you. you poor thing all this worry on top of you caring for your mum and going to uni. i sympathise with you and hope somehow your problem is resolved. there maybe some one on here who knows the ins and outs of a problem like yours. wishing you the very best.



Hi Callie,

Have you tried the MS Society ? They do have a legal team that might be able help with this terrible problem that you have, or perhaps the law society might be able to give you guidence. I feel that you will need good legal advice on this matter.

I really hope that things work out for you and your mum and never give up on the Uni, because that is your future.

Be strong,

Take care,


Hi, I am so sorry to hear how all this is worrying you. I cant imagine anyone making your mum homeless, especially as she currently has all the home adpaptations she needs. But financial establishments do not have the empathy we have, eh?

But I think Kev has offered you some good advice re the MSS`s legal time.

Get onto that asap and hopefully it will stop any repossession orders. You need to speak to your mortgage provider too. Just be careful about the mortgage broker giving you the right advice. He will have his consultation fees no doubt.

luv Pollx

Hi Callie,

I think all the advice here is really good. You could also try contacting the Citizen’s Advice Bureau, they give financial advice and can also check that you and your Mum are claiming all the benefits you’re entitled to. Any extra income might help if you try again to remortgage. Please try not to worry, I’m sure that you won’t be made homeless over a £5,000 loan. (it would cost them more to evict you). There is a solution out there somewhere, it’s just trying to find the right person to talk to.

Maybe try asking the council again if there’s anyone who could give you some general financial advice? The council were quite helpful with our finances when my Mum lived at home. They helped us claim a rebate on our council tax and it was them who recommended the CAB to us.

Also does your university have a student advice centre? They may be able to recommend local contacts.

Good luck. You’re doing a great job!