Hi I am looking for some information please. My sister has MS and she is now at the stage where it may be best for her to go into a care home. The problem is, she owns her house and I am looking for information pertaining to *Will she have to sell her house to fund her care. * she has two sons 21 and 26 who live at home If anyone can help with this, I would very much appreciate it. Regards lynne


I think you / your sister needs to get some proper advice from someone who knows and whose advice you can rely on. Maybe try the CAB? Obviously you could phone the Social Services department of your local council but I’m not sure you’d get a straight answer.

It might make a difference if she is needing a care home for ongoing medical needs, or social needs. Her care might be funded by the NHS Continuing Care budget, in which case her owning a home might be irrelevant. And I’m not sure whether having adult children living in her home would make a difference if she’s to be assessed by Social Services rather than the NHS.

It becomes very complicated and you need expert advice from someone who can ask the pertinent questions and has access to all the regulations and rules regarding care homes and funding.



Hi Lynne,

Some great advice, as ever, from Sue x.

When my Dad went into a nursing home, we discovered that my adult brother could have remained living at Dads house.

Instead, my brother found somewhere else to live and Dads house was sold. None of us objected to paying the high fees of Dads nursing care, but finding out, too late, that Soc.Serv would have paid any shortfall still niggles. No-one told us, and we didn’t ask.

Government rules & regs will have changed nowadays so it is essential your sister (and you if your sister agrees) seek professional advice so she won’t have the extra worry & stress about her sons. MS is a cruel disease, so worrying needs to be minimal.

Good luck

go see the CAB they keep up to date information



i have had ms for the past 4 years and since a fall at work my symptoms are worsening. Can anybody please rell me what help I can get


Going into care with MS is a tricky situation. Sues advice is very good. CAB has always been my first point of call.

I wrote my Will today, leaving everything to my son. My brothers & sisters didn’t seem happy about it, but since experiencing their ways, when I survived a suicide attempt. I’ve definitely made the right choice.

Having Multiple Sclerosis is far better without the stress of control freaks. Getting things in place for the inevitable is paramount. Personally I’ll avoid going into care. The current system is seriously flawed. Sneaking medications into food, for a condition with no cure, is disgusting! Who pays for that medication?

All the best out there folks. It’s a long road…



Without knowing your situation, it’s pretty much impossible to tell you what financial help you can get.

I suggest you have a look at Benefits - Citizens Advice for information about state benefits. And perhaps contact your local Social Services department if you are on a low income and need help with personal care.


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