saying goodbye to my cat

poor tiger has been suffering with thyroid and kidney problems.

she is over 20 years old and deaf as a post.

she cries if she can’t find jack, my eldest son, as she was his baby.

tonight she was screaming and then started fitting.

jack and billy took her to the vet and he said she may have a brain tumour.

the lads came home very subdued.

tiger won’t be coming home.

i havent cried and dont think i can.

does that make me hard and heartless?

theres a hard lump in my throat area.

just wish i could cry.

carole x

I’m so sorry carole, such sad news for you and your family. You will cry eventually, it’s just the shock of it all.

It’s five months since we had to put our beautiful dog Ben to sleep. I still can’t look at a picture of him without crying…I miss him so much.

You are not hard or heartless, just grieving in your own unique way.

Having to say goodbye is not easy but you will still have all the good memories.


Noreen x

Express your sadness however you feel x I’m sorry for your loss xx

So sorry Carole, it’s a sad time.


you are in my thoughts, ellie x

thank you noreen, becca, val and ellie.

​it’s been sinking in whilst i was asleep.

an elderly cat is much different to a young one.

wherever she is now, she will be happy and bouncing like a tigger.

​forever young xxxxxx

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so sorry to hear your sad will cry at some point,the shock of it at the moment is making it not real,its weird how our brains protect us.


J x

Hi Carole,

My thoughts go out to you.

Its so hard to part with a friend.


thanks j and andy xxxx

So sorry to hear of your loss :frowning: Cats are more than pets they are part of the family…

So sorry for your loss Carole. There is no right or wrong way to grieve just hope you are all ok xx

Oh Caole. That is so sad.

Like you say it is very different losing an old cat rather than a young one.

when my old dog died I was relieved that she was out of pain and in a better place. Poor Bonnie.

When my young dog, Mika, died, aged 3 I broke my heart as it was so sad that she was so young.

I’m sure your cat it bouncing about in heaven.

I’ll be thinking of you sweets.


Shazzie xx

Hi Carole

my thoughts go out to you and god bless tiger,

the loss of a freind is is a big hit to take but try to remember the smiles you shared,

i got 4, and love them all, and the ones that went before, and my dogs,

take care stay safe, Julien. xx

So sorry Carole, our pets become part of the family & when the time comes to make that final decision it’s so very hard.

Sending you big hugs at this sad time xx

Rosina x

(((Hugs))) you’ll cry when you are ready. So sad, its like loosing Your best friend. Thoughts with you

thank you all for your sympathy and kind words.

i can’t bring myself to talk about her aloud so this forum lets me make a start.

probably will say it aloud soon and then the tears will flow.

carole x

Aww Carole

So sorry for your loss. Pets are part of the family, I can’t have a cat as my son is allergic but I was close to my parents’ cats and we all cried together when dad lost them as they were the last link to mum. I’m sure the tears will flow when you’re ready. Grieving affects us all differently.

Tracey x

Hi Carole

I don’t think that you should give yourself a hard time about not crying- we are all very different, and being a parent (like me) i presume you instinctively don’t allow yourself to get upset as you are concerned for your own children, which is entirely natural. you may or may not cry and if you do it may not be for ages- there is no prescribed way to feel.

i am sorry for your loss, as pets are part of the family and losing them is horrible. take heart in the fact that tiger had a long happy life with a family who loved her- that’s the best anyone could ever wish for.

take care, fluffyollie xx

Just seen this - so sorry Carole. Losing a much loved pet is losing a family member and very sad. I hope Tiger is merrily chasing mice in cat heaven.


Ah, cats always leave paw prints on your heart don’t they? I had to have my rock of a cat put to sleep last year as she had developed a brain tumour. I found it hard to talk about her for quite a while, but she was liked by everyone and it became normal to have the “Do you remember when Ally…?” conversations. We all mourn in different ways just as all cats are different. You will cry when you cry and not before.

Carol x