Sample PIP renewal form and notes.


I know lots of you are still changing over from DLA to PIP with all the hassle and worry that involves. I hope you get the right results.

However, some people will now will be filling in form to renew their PIP having the stress that causes. Mine is over a year away but starting to think about it already!

I’ve managed to find copies of the form and notes on how to fill the AR1 forms in.

Top tip, I save these websites in an email file called MS.

Seeing the form early gives you more than the 4 week limit to think about how to fill it in.

Like a girl guide ‘be prepared!’ Join the organisation that helps you fill them in too.

Sample PIP review form

Sample notes to help you fill in review form

Hope this helps.


Those links look really handy Jen. I’ve saved them as bookmarks in a folder labelled ‘benefits’, it’s getting a bit full of useful information now! I think I still have about 7 or 8 years till my award comes up for review, but it’s never too early to get prepared. Obviously I can’t rely on the (Grrr) politicians not changing the rules again!