PIP Review


I am getting myself in a right tizz about my review.

My my award runs out late next year but they review it a year in advance. The booklet you need to fill out is the same, an assessor sees you and I am feeling stressed out and worried. I am worried they will take the award away or that I won’t cope with the assessment interview.

Has anyone else had their review yet? Did all go well?


Sam x

Hi Sam,

Did you fill the form out yourself or get help from Money Matters ect. I was advised by my gp not to fill the form in myself but to get help.

Also make a list of all your medications and list all your consultants you are seeing including hospital addresses. List all this on A4 paper or type it using a computer. Take all this to our appointment and it should make it easier for them to fill out the form for you and they then post t away for you.

Just remember to tell the truth and remember the things you are telling as they are a long wait for the assessment. This is to try and catch people who are telling lies on the form.

Mine was awarded without any problems.

Hopefully this will help.


Hi Sam,

I just read your post again and all i can say is not to worry and do as i said above you can alo take any letters you may have from consultants, hospital appointments ect and get a letter from your gp. Gather all inforation if you have it (If not it does not matter as long as you have the addresses on the a4 sheet they will contact them).

If you take all this to your appointment with money matters. They are usually based at your local council if not they will provide you with details of organisations who will help you.

Sorry about the mistakes in the above post it was caused by my meds.

Robert xx.

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Hello Robert,

Thank you for your help and advice.

I have answered the questions in rough on my computer first before writing it on the form to save my arms, they get so tired!

My anxiety levels have gone through the roof this time round, so I am trying to complete it within the next couple of days so I can calm down!!


Hi Samantha

Robert has made a good suggestion to get help with the form - there are a number of places where you can get assistance - CAB, Welfare Rights etc however many advice organisations have long waits for help with form filling - they are inundated with ESA and PIP applications/appeals so make sure that you don’t go past the date that your form should be returned. If this looks likely you can ask for an extension, explaining that you have an appointment but are waiting.

The other option is to do the form yourself with the help of a website called Benefits and Work (about £20.00 par year) They have excellent guides and information. Many people on here have had success with their help. My advice is to do the form a little at a time, making sure to add additional sheets if required. Be sure to not be too positive. Lots of people fail by being too upbeat about their abilities. It goes against the grain to concentrate on the negative aspects of our life but it is important to keep asking yourself how a perfectly healthy person would do things and then look at how you do them and note this on the form. For example I might say that I have no trouble getting dressed but it actually takes me ages and I’m exhausted afterwards - yes I can do it but you wouldn’t describe it as “normal”.


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