examples of PIP experiences?

Hi All,

Just had the dreaded PIP forms thru this week :frowning:

Feeling really stressed just by look of them!

So wondering what other peoples experiences are of the whole thing plz? as in, has everyone had to go thru the rigmor of an Atos assessment again even after filling in the forms etc?

Feeling super stressed 2day now:(

Also how is it that apparently there are ppl out there puttin illnesses on and are flying thru the process and there is literally nothing wrong with them. i know this thru friend of a friend that said the ppl are putting all kind of mental illnesses on and they have admitted to him that they are playing the system. so unfair innit:(

ty in advance for any help guys

god bless

Anna x

Hi Anna, when Rachael was diagnosed in May/June we applied for PIP and ESA not expecting to get them as she is 16 and had to leave college due to diagnosis. I filled out both forms which were exactly the same information (I phoned them to check if I could just fill in one and they share the information but they don’t do that) and sent them off. Received phone call re ESA and they went over the information and asked some questions and within a few weeks received a letter saying Rachael was eligible for this, she started receiving money within weeks. We received a letter re PIP saying to go for an assessment with a nurse, this was very painless, the nurse was lovely and filled out a form which she then sent off to be assessed. This was about 8 weeks or so ago, did not expect Rachael to get this one either but on Thursday when she checked her bank account she had received a payment including back payments to when she was diagnosed. Although the forms are long you just have to make sure you fill them in detailing all your problems, all the help you need and don’t be too proud to say just how bad MS is affecting your life/walking/balance/pain and ability to work. Good luck with it. Linda x

From my experience my illness started in Jan 2013 which I spent 3 months in different hospitals discharged to re-hab centre where my neurological nurse helped me fill my dla paperwork I was told I had to have the illness for 3 months before I was entitled to it. But thankfully I received full mobility and middle for care. After 9 months of hell going from working full time as a cook with no sign of any sickness to ending up in hospital for 3 months. Knocks me sick when people milk the system with nothing wrong with them.

Sounds all a bit Daily Mail to be honest. The actual stat for people ‘milking the system’ is a very small percentage, although I’m sure the government would like to keep perpetuating this so they can turn down as many genuine cases as possible.

I filled in and sent my forms back just over a month agoand haven’t heard anything

i filled pip forms in,it was like a book but understood it,i sent it off a month ago and have been told it can take 3 months to hear from them so dont worry,you can allso phone them they are very helpfull i have found

Hi, good luck with the dratted form filling.

About these folk saying they have mental problems, when they may be lying…well dont they need reports from GPs or pshyciatrists? (cant spell it!)