sad news for one of our members

Ohhh I am so very sorry for this awful loss. My thoughts are with her. hugs Krissy xx

Condolences to all concerned at this very sad and difficult time. Warm, cosy hugs to all. xx

Hello Steph! I often wondered how you were doing and wonder if the hat business took off.

We met up a couple of times and then you were very busy with uni and the business. How are you doing?

Im sure Cindy will remember you..............I am in touch with her on the mobile/text. Shes in shock, of course, poor little luv.

luv Pollx

Hi again.

I let Cindy know how many of you have sent best wishes and she asked me to thankyou all.

No more news for us as yet.

luv Pollx

Just like to say what lovely messages you have sent our Daughter Lara (10) and myself. Boudica has been a great support. Its a hard time but we have to get through it. Ian had Cancer and it was quick and v peaceful at the end.

Sending you all hugs and feeling the strong support network coming through to us her in West Yorkshire

Cindy x

Very sad news. Condolences to Cindy and her family. Hugs to Cindy and to you Poll, Pat xx

I`m glad to see Cindy has found the strength to come along and say hello.

luv Pollx

HI Cindy,

so very sorry to hear your sad news,i know what you are going thru i lost my husband when my daughter was just turned 2,

i had to be strong for her, and i was,she got me thru it tho,she helped me more than she will ever know, and i am sure your daughter will do too,sending lots of love to both of you.



my thoughts too are with cindy and lara…

ellie x

So sorry to read this thread. My thoughts are with you all and your families Jane xx

So sorry to read this hun.

Special love to you and your little `un.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll

,my little un is 21 this year,its 18 years on the 18th of this month,that my husband died.


Thinking of you hun.

luv Pollx

thank you Poll,and im thinking of you too,with the sad news of your sister in law,i know only too well,what its like every time the phone rings.



Such sad news.

My thoughts are with Cindy and Lara, and with you and your family too.

Lolli xx

Thankyou once again.

Hubby will be ringing sis later today. Not heard anything for a week.

luv Pollx