sad news for one of our members

allo all.

I`ve just spoken with a buddy here…Candystripe…real name Cindy.

Sadly she lost her husband to cancer last Friday.

I am sure you`ll all join with me in sending her our love and best wishes. They have a little girl, lara, 10.

Sad news also for us. Sis in law, in Canada, is deteriorating quickly. She is now bed ridden and in and out of conciousness. The steroid treatment to stop her brain swelling, due to the 6 tumours, has been stopped.

I guess the end will happen soon…it will be a blessing for her and her 25 year partner, who has never left her side.

cheers pals,


I am so sorry to hear the terrible news for Cindy losing her husband. Such a sad time for her and Lara.

I will be thinking of you all xxxx

And Poll, sorry to hear that your sis in law is deterioating fast. What a terrible time for you all too.

My prayers are with you, your family, Cindy, Lara and family.

Shazzie xx

Hi Poll

Oh that is such sad news, Cindy and Lara will be in my thoughts.

Also for your family it seems like things have progressed quickly with your sis in law, which I am so sorry to hear, my thoughts are with you all.

Pam x

Hi Polly

Such sad news for Cindy and Lara, send them my best wishes.

Also for you and your family a sad time coming but as you say also a blessing for all concerned.

Sending my love and best wishes.

Freckles xxx

Such sad news Poll

How very heartbreaking for Cindy and her little girl.

And your poor sister-in-law…it will be a blessing…her partner will find it hard to make that final goodbye.

I will think of you all in my prayers

Noreen xxx

So sad for Cindy - thinking of you at this difficult time. So sorry about your SIL Poll - I really hope she does not suffer! Teresa xx

My thoughts and prayers are with your family and Cindys hun.

Kelly xx

Very sad news - and hugs to both of you. We had a similar sad New Year when a close family member of the family collapsed pneumonia New Years day. Transpired she had advanced breast cancer but had not sought medical advice - her husband had died from lymphoma with chemotherapy that had made his last days a misery. She passed away pneumonia Saturday. We are all still in shock.

thinking of you and cindy.

love and prayers

carole x

That should say on* Saturday. She died of multiple organ failure.

Please replace pneumonia with ‘on’ - crazy queuing of posts again :frowning:

Lots of hugs to Cindy and Lara…such awful news… ((())) xxxxx And also a load for you and your family Poll ((((())))) xxxx

My condolences to Cindy and Lara, such sad news xx

Although it is expected, and will come as a relief, it won’t be easy for your family either. I hope your SIL’s passing is peaceful.

<> all round

Tracey xx

Really sorry to hear this for Cindy and urself Polly - life is tough…

Thankyou for your reply Kataline.

I also send you my condolences and cyber hugs.

luv Pollx

Thankyou everybody, for your kindess.

News from canada last night…sis is sleeping a lot and still in and out of it. Poor partner.he is so lovely…looks like Tom Selleck!

I`ll pass all your condolences on to Cindy by phone.

luv Pollx

What awful news for Cindy and Lara, condolences to them. I do hope your sis I law won’t have to suffer too much Poll, her partner sounds like a lovely chap. Big hugs to all Linda x

Thankyou Linda.

No more news for us, but every time the phone rings…

luv Pollx

Not sure if Cindy will remember me as I haven’t been on here for about two years but please pass on my best wishes and tell her my thoughts are with her.


That’s so sad. I’m thinking of you all and sending a huge hug xxxO