Sad light

Hi, I don’t know if this is any use to anyone but I bought a light today from Mapl*ns. Very reasonable and may help, a friend told me about them as she just struggled to the shop and got one. We may be mad but will try it. :slight_smile: Yvonne

You’re not mad! Humans are affected by light, and lack of it. My sad lamp is invaluable to me - it really gives me energy. My flatmate thought I was crazy until he had to stay up working, borrowed my light, and got addicted to it. Enjoy it - they are pretty amazing. kk

Hi, I have my SAD light on throuout the day, and am sure it helps my energy, I love it! Lynne x

Seasonal affective disorder is evil. If you have the light you will be far less likely to suffer the crushing depression it brings Well done you! Clarexxx

My mother gave me an alarmclock with a light attached. Best thing I’ve ever had! I was always a right grouch in the mornings! After getting this thing, I’m not so bad tempered. Still don’t particularly want to get up but it’s easier getting up than before. Highly recommened!

Went out to buy my SAD light today as I could feel the winter blues starting to creep in. I have it next to my computer and even after one afternoon I feel more energised. I’m a volunteer (don’t have MS) so the light helped me get the branch minutes written up and I can start on the next edition of our newletter. I even did a risk assessment for an event next weekend (beer fesitval) so the light must be working :lol: May the light be with you :idea:

Hi again at last

Well my light arrived on Monday and got used same evening, all went well so used it again next evening. Not that good, think it must have had it too close and my feet felt warm, not hot but set of my RSD so hubby says leave it until everything settles down.

I still like it though