SAD lamps?

Does anyone here use a SAD lamp?

Does anyone have useful information or opinions about them?

I’m feeling pretty grim this week. Part of it is the result of the antibiotic I’m taking for a uti, part of it is MS itself, part of it is stress resulting from having builders in the house for ten weeks or so. But I’m sure part of it is my body’s reaction to sitting in a chair all day looking out at grey skies. I’m devoid of interest in anything, can’t go outside because it is too cold, can’t even go to another room because of the builders. I was wondering whether it’s worth considering a SAD lamp at all to try to reduce this desolate feeling.


Hi Kev,

Sorry you are having a hard time of it hopefully the builders will be finished soon.

Dont know anything about the lamps but I would also like to know.

Been on auto pilot for a while now. Don’t know why, just feel lethargic, no va va voom!

I am trying to get into the festive spirit but it ain’t working and am craving chocolate which is not good. I have came to the conclusion I might have SAD, so I’d be interested to hear if these things work

Mags xxx

Hi Kev,

So sorry to hear you’re having a major struggle. You’ve done amazingly to cope with the builders for so long…it seems to have been ages… I’m tearing my hair out if I have any kind of workman in the house for more than a few hours! I’ve just had yet another UTI too and they do bring you down, throw major stress into the mix and it’s no wonder you feel so low.

Unfortunately I can’t find the link to send you but I read an article last year about a lady with MS who suffered with depression she used a SAD lamp and said it was a tremendous help. The one she used was about £50 from Amazon. I’m very tempted to try one…the winter never fails to bring me down but it usually happens in February.

There’s nothing worse than depression on top of all our other symptom, I think anything is worth a try when you feel so dreadfully low.

Hope the builders will be gone very soon and you can try to get your life back to normal…my MS goes off the scale if my routine is even slightly out of sync so I’m really hoping once you get your life back you’ll feel an awful lot better.

Take care of yourself Ken, sending you a big hug,

Nina x

Sorry! Take care of yourself Kev!

Nina x

Hi Kev,

sorry to hear you are feeling down,i have been looking at SAD lamps on the argos site, they have them on offer at the moment 25% off too.maybe you could get one and try it and if not return it.

the reviews are mixed,som good, some not so good,but i suppose its trial and error,like everything else with ms.

J x

I have been wondering about such a lamp too. I have noticed a lift in my mood if the weather’s good enough to get out and there is some sun. Listening to music is another thing which can give me a lift.

It is such a dark time of year, but the shortest day will be here very soon, on the 21st, and then the days will start to get longer again.

I hope you start to feel better soon.

Bought one of a site called SAD,cost about £100 than vat exemption. Definitely do brighten a room but as for making me feel better, i would be along the lines of no. And thay heat up so that scares me. Im not saying they dont work but i think I’ll invest in abigger window.

Thanks all. Been off the forum for a while, under the weather. Anyway, further reading suggests that the jury is well and truly out, but tending to negative about whether they have an effect. Ties with what MJB says. I don’t think I’ll bother.

Glad you’ve made a decision and hope you’re “weather” is improving. Early merry xmas.