SAD or self pity

Sunshine affective disorder or self pity? I don’t know nor care

It now five thirty and been awake since four.hmmmph


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Aww Don. Just read your blog and quite frankly I wouldn’t blame you if you are feeling sorry for yourself-I would be too. I wish I was a fairy with a magic wand, then I could make it all better. ((((((Hugs))))))

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Hi Don, sometimes you have to give yourself permission to feel sorry for yourself. I think you should give yourself that permission.

You describe it so well… like Blossom I wish I had a magic wand and could make it all better.

Hope you managed to get back to sleep.

Thinking of you Don. Wish there was a way we could help… I know it’s not much but remember there are friends on here who are wishing you well and really empathise with what you are going through.


Pat xx

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Hang in there Don.

I often feel the same way myself, and the most unexpected thing can lift me; Liverpool’s unlikely victory over QPR yesterday had just that effect.

Who knows what tomorrow may bring. Thoughts are with you pal.


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Hi Don,

I think its OK for you to feel sorry for yourself, you really have had a lot to put up with of late, be kind to yourself, don’t beat yourself up, you deserve some “good” time.

Sending you some virtual (hugs)))) Don, to let you know we all understand, and wish we could make it easier for you.

Hang in there buddy.

Pam x

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thanks guys 5:30pm and back in bed watching pointless, I did gett about an hours sleep this afternoon but my legs have been painful all day. Still I am safe here I know I can fall over and I aint fallen out of bed for ages. Heather has gone to look after the grandsons while our daughter works Their dad finished work at 6:00 so here for the next hour

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Aw Don,

wish I could pop in for a wee visit, as I do with all my friends on here. I too wish I could make you feel better but I don’t think my rantings would make anyone feel better.

I think anyone who has been through what you have is bound to be effected by the shortening days the darkening nights and the general change in seasons, but as has been said you have a right I feel.


Polly xxx


Hope your feeling a little better Don. Lack of a decent sleep doesn’t help with mood. I’ve heard of people who benefit from a solar lamp for sad, whatever it is I hope it soon could always get a roll of lining paper and cover the bedroom wall paint a picture of your boats sailing,the sun shining and you and Mrs sat eating your fish and chips out of the paper. If that’s out of the question use the magic healing dust I’ve just sent you.

Pauline xxx


Hope you’re feeling better Don. I’ve also been told about the solar lamps, haven’t yet tried one by I’ve heard good reviews. I just hope things start picking up for you xx

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Thanks folks I love your support. Yesterday was a good Day and we went to Whitstable and ate Bacon and Egg sandwiches on Tankerton Slopes. I managed to get runny yolk all down my tee shirt but the telling off that I got was worth it.I had even poked the egg and thought itwas hard, how wrong was I ? We had a good laugh about it. I also had my hair cut, the hairdressers are good they do me in the wheelchair and she said she would come to the house but not to tell anyoneshe does it for her special customers only. So I havent to you guys SHHHHHHHHHHHSH


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Don, I haven’t looked in since the weekend, but I’m glad you’ve had a better day today. Long may it last. Been having a few dark days myself, plus the continued disruption of the builders (pesky people, builders ) choosing tiles and fittings and generally having to make important decisions which could affect my well-being in the future (which way round should I have the bath? Well it’s in now so I’ve made my bath and I will have to lie in it).

One extra worry- I have a little mole on the back of my neck that has been a nuisance over the past six months or so, itchy and so on, so Ruth finally booked me in to the GP to have a look at it, and she (my GP) has referred me to have it checked out. So I’ll be on tenterhooks until I know one way or the other about that. Should be within two weeks though, they fast track it.

I do like the idea of a solar lamp to deal with SAD. Our bedroom faces the morning sun, I automatically feel better if I see the sunrise.

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How many years have you been waiting to use that bath gag?

Yesterday was the first time I have been feeling proper in weeks and I even went with Heather to collect one of the boys from school this afternoon we had him for tea whilst his mum did parents evening…

I am now wide awake feeling sick more Gavescon


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Hi Don

I haven’t been around on the forum for a few days so apologies for late reply.

Sorry you’ve had such a rotten time but so pleased you are now feeling a little bit better! Long may it continue!

Hi Kev,

Sounds as though all the upheaval has finally got you down…be proud of yourself , you’ve coped with a nightmare situation incredibly well.

Good luck with the mole…I recently had to have a couple checked out…luckily for me all was well.

Love to you both,

Nina x

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