Depressed and feeling sorry for myself

Yep that’s how I feel but even the darkest of clouds have silver linings don’t they? Oh yes I get to write about it and depress you lot as well.

Sorry it’s just how I feel today, hopefully when I wake up tomorrow I will be back in fighting mode but for now I just want to crawl under a rock and disappear.

Night folks


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Don, there is a whole myriad of responses to this.

All I’m going to say is give yourself a bit more time. This is a true ba$tard of a condition. But it is just a brute. Remember, we have the brains and the citalopram. If you feel like you need a higher dose then go for it.

A bit of acceptance of your current slough of despond can give you some sense of perspective but remember we can always rise above it. Use it as a starting block. Now I’ll stop these inane platitudes; I’ve sat through too many teacher training days.

Think bacon butties. I’ve just taken some streaky out of the freezer.

Best wishes, Steve.

hi don

yup, it’s a miserable existance at times.

always try to put it against the good things but it gets harder.

there had better be some bacon in the fridge or i’ll stay in bed all week.

you will find your happy again. - honestly.

if you should see mine, tell it to get home to me.

carole x

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HI Don Your blog genuinely bought tears to my eyes! I feel I have nothing inspiring or motivating to say but I couldn’t read that and run. I have rrms and there are days I feel robbed I’m 26 with a body that well isn’t. It’s a ba@$!*# of a disease!! Really hope you are able to pick up from where you find yourself at the moment and life deals you and your family a ‘good’ card soon to really shake things up a bit! Please don’t crawl under a rock and disappear on us, I for one am happy to have made such an acquaintance albeit in sad circumstances Flutterby x

Don, do you need some virtual help to crawl back out from that rock?

Here’s my two pennarth…

Ready, heave and puuuush!

Did it help?


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Dearest Mr Hoppity, I’m so sorry that the b@&£@rd has got you down, and I have nothing to offer, other than my thoughts and support at this time.

personally, it’s a much brighter and sunnier day up north than it was yesterday and I hope some of it reaches you. Take care xx

Oh Don it’ll be a better day tomorrow. Honest!!

Roll on the Summer that’s what I say.

Shazzie xx

Oh Don. Has anyone ever told you you’re allowed to cry? It really is a necessity actually. View it as a pressure cooker. Some of the anger/sadness/dismay/grief/despair et al needs to be released or the lid will give in to the pressure build up, and end up on the ceiling. I don’t know what to say but like others, I read the blog and just wanted to give a virtual squeeze to your arm.

I know I felt like this one day during the week. I found myself sobbing in my kitchen over the damn cat. I have only been dxd for, not quite two years, and it has raced through my life like the proverbial dose of salts. I admire your upbeat endurance for 25! I have always been the glass half empty type of person. Now I have to make a superhuman effort to be the “I can still refill the glass!”, type.

Hopefully, when the sun shines again, which it will, the world, your world, will seem a brighter place. Now I’m going to go and play Dire Straits, Brothers in Arms. Why Worry being one of my favourite tracks.


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