sun lamps

Hi All,

Just wondered if anyone on here has used a sun lamp for their MS?

If so which one do you use?

As in Facial Sunlamp or a Full body one?

Also for how long do you use them please?

Asking as I am really Fair and burn in minutes in the sun but if this could help with Fatigue, would be worth trying.

If anything else, I remember when I use them years ago that I used to leave the Gym feeling really ‘happy and mood was considerably lifted’.

Thanks in advance to any replies received,


Anna x

Hi Anna,

I too are thinking of getting one,heard good thinks about it,as normal it will not work for everyone.

So i will be watching the replys you get,how expensive are they,and can you get it vat free.

I have been a good boy this year so maybe santa will bring one for me.[keep droping hints]

Take Care.



l use a sunbed occasionally, l bought one from a local sunbed rental firm. l originally got it for my mother to use as she suffered from psoriasis- and so do l - l explained to the rental company that l would need one for quite a long time and they said they had ex-rental beds that were suitable for sale.

lt cost me £75 - delivered. lt goes over the spare bed. So you have to turn over to cook the other side. The tubes are not too strong - so l can do 15mins a time - turning over half way. lt makes me feel great after l have used it. l still take 15.000ius of vitd3 a day. The heat seems to get right into your bones.

To purchase new - they can be very expensive. So do have a ring around your local sunbed people.

l was interested to see that the Health Minister for Scotland is still dragging his feet about the Vitamin D3 situation in Scotland. Mass medication by fortifying food would not be easy. But they can’t afford looking after the pwms they have now - All the new people who get diagnosed should be able to sue the Scottish Health service.

Right, l shall go and have another ‘session’ under my sunbed. lt gives you a nice healthy glow. Just don’t over do it.



You would find the uv lamp good for you and those pot plants!!!

Hello All,

This thought had been going through my mind too; whether I should try and get one of these. Being a total novice, I don’t really know what rays are needed by our bodies and whether the right ones would turn up on a sun bed. Any ideas?



Hello yet again all,

I forgot to also ask if anyone might also know how long we should spend outside each day? I mean, this might be fine in California or Australia, but if I sit on a deck chair outside in all weathers the neighbours might start to talk. And is it sufficient to just receive these rays through the face & arms, weather allowing?



Hi Campion,

Thanks for your input.

Why did i not thing of that,just go up to the attic and get all that heat for nothing.

Take Care .


Hi Anna,

I go to the gym a couple of times a week I’m not that great at exercising but I try my best I do a bit on the exercise bike before I go into the changing room what I really want to say is I find the sun bed amazing a MS friend told me to try it to see how I get on I normally got showered and changed and was just able to walk out to the reception where I had to sit and rest for about 10 or 15 minutes before I could walk on out to my car but now I have a shower and go for 2 minutes on the sunbed with is in the changing room but after that I feel great I get dressed and walk straight out to the care without even stopping for a rest and it only costs a £1 for 2 minutes :slight_smile: I don’t use it for looks but everyone I meet keeps saying I look really well but they don’t know I was in the sunbed lol

Its alright people saying get out in the fresh air and get some sun I do that when I can but I don’t know where there living but here in Northern Ireland it seems to do nothing but run and its so cold here at the minute.

Mark x


Now is this an ‘all over tan’ -

Too much information - Sorry about that - l am at a ‘funny age’ - think l was born a funny age!

So everyone - get stripped off and on the sunbed and enjoy.


Of course its an all over tan Frances nothing else would do lol

Mark x