Vitamin D Lamp

Hi, Anyone use a Vitamin D Lamp to get their D3 rather than use supplements? I’ve seen one on Amazon but it’s £300. Wondered if they’re any good. Heather

For £300, I’d want the lamp to:

  • Provide all the Vit.D3 needed
  • Do the household chores
  • Cook my meals
  • Cure MS
  • Give me a lottery jackpot win !!!

Until such a lamp is invented, I guess I’ll have to stick with supplements !!


(…what a great help that was!!)

l bought a secondhand uv sunbed which l do use in the winter to give me a boost. lnstead of using it over the bed l have it stood upright in my dressing room. Originally, l bought it for my mother who was suffering with extreme psoriasis. lt cleared her problem up very quickly after years of different lotions and potions. l still take vitamin d3 capsules - 10.000ius - only stopped when l was able to get out in the sun. 15mins of bright sunshine exposure is worth 20.000ius. As Dom says, £300 is quite a lot of vitamind3 capsules. l think l pay £15 a year for mine. l found sitting in natural sunlight and the uv bed did make me feel good - helped my arthritic joints.