Shedding a bit of light?

Hello Everyone,

I hope that everyone is as well as our MS will allow. I have posted on the subject of ‘light boxes’ before, but my memory isn’t up to much (courtesy of MS) so I was hoping that I could be reminded by some kind hearted forum member. In this damp & dark country we live in, I think that I should get myself a light box. Has anyone any experience of these things and know whether they work, or of course where they can be bought? Thank you very much for any replies. Have a great Christmas and even more importantly, a happy and healthy 2013.

Best Wishes,


Hi Moira,

If you have the type of Winter-related depression known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) the light box my lift your spirits somewhat.

But no, it won’t do anything for MS, I’m afraid. The principle of light exposure as an MS therapy is based on evidence that MS is more prevalent further from the equator - i.e. less sunlight, and that vitamin D deficiency is now almost certain to play a part.

However, to do anything about this, the light exposure MUST be of a kind that’s capable of generating vitamin D. That’s the same wavelengths responsible for tanning.

So basically, if you can’t get a tan from it, then no, it won’t be doing anything to boost your vitamin D levels either, or hence (possibly) protect against your MS.

Those “SAD” light boxes aren’t the right wavelength for tanning, so won’t do anything for vitamin D levels - or MS.

Much cheaper and more effective to pop a decent Vitamin D3 supplement in Winter - or perhaps all year round - if you’re worried about Vitamin D levels. No to a “SAD” lamp, unless you ONLY want it to fight Winter blues.



Thank you for your reply Tina,

I think that I must have got my knickers in a twist re; MS/SAD. Thankfully I already take 5 000iu of Vitamin D3 every day, so aside from me buying a few hours on a tan bed, then I had better just wait for ‘Summer’ (which we haven’t seen for a couple of years. Thank you again for replying.

Merry Christmas!