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Hi gang.

Tuesday is my few hours out, with lovely carer Bev.

We went to the library and I picked a book. Then we went to morrisons for a sarnie and we usually ring my hubby from there, to collect us.

Well today was so sunshiny that I decided we would walk/wheel home. It was so lovely to be in the fresh air. I was all wrapped in woollies, so never felt cold.

Took us 15 minutes and I tingled and felt so alive!

Free vit D to boot!


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they are truly blessed moments, when you are able to delight in the simple things in life.

Precious moments but no Vitamin D, I’m afraid. The sun isn’t strong enough for your body to make it this time of the year.

And there was me thinking this was Poll telling us she’d had a visit to a nudist beach or something similar!

I didn’t know that about winter sun being too weak for the D vit, that’s kind of depressing!

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Oh I didnt know either that winter sun doesnt give us vit d…not even a little bit Sewing?


ps but I still felt better for having the sun on my face.

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Not even a little bit, from October to March. It’s still lovely when the sun shines.

I’m emigrating. Bye.


As with my diagnosis of MS, i am electing not to belief the above statement to be true.

Fingers in ears; LAAAA LAAAAA LAAAAAAAH!!! sun on my face; lovin’ it!

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if we werent disabled, theyd lock us up for being daft!

As long as it was somewhere sunny, I’d potentially be ok with this…

It was raised on the Barts blog that vit D might not be the only benefit we get via the sun. So winter sun might be good for us in some other way.

A little research online and sunshine boosts levels of serotonin and makes us feel happier. Sunlight boosts testosterone in men. Sunlight encourages production of white blood cells.

I don’t know if these are all scientifically validated I will need to do more research online.

so summat good does come from the big yellow blob in the sky then…testosterone in men? it aint working on my old fella!


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Jesus people, If you have MS then you the body does not convert suns rays to Vitamin D ( which is actually a hormone)
so for the love of god stop talking about the sun like its going to fix everything and take 5,000 IU of Vit D3 or do you not listen to your neuro bod?

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What? Really? I’ve never heard that or seen it mentioned anywhere

I’ve not heard that before that people with MS do not convert sunrays into vit D. Though I do think some MSers have more difficulty absorbing vitamins and getting levels up. Some MSers do not seem to be able to get their levels up to and over 100nmol.

Many MSers do take vit D tablets, though some have not been informed to take 4000 iu or 5000 iu daily. They may be taking 400iu or 200iu that comes in a multivitamin tablet. Some may be taking 2000 iu.

I took only 400iu daily for a few years and got my levels to 97nmol, my neuro didn’t say anything to me about my level being too low. I take more now, I decided this through my own reading and am much higher nmol level now.

Ok here’s a radical idea. Get your vitamin D level tested. If it’s low then try taking 5000iu daily. Then get it tested again 2 or 3 months later. You can then increase or decrease the dose. Let’s face it, the Winter sun in the UK is not going to increase your vitamin D level, regardless of whether you theoretically can or can’t convert sun rays to vitamin D. And following good health advise means using sun block in the Summer, so that’s not going to help much. Plus, many of us suffer more when it’s hot in the Summer, so we’re not exactly laying out in the sun wearing a bikini/mankini without sun cream, hoping to top up our vitamin D level.

I take 5000iu daily, all year round. I’ve had my vitamin D level checked fairly often and it’s OK.

And let’s face it, Polls original post wasn’t about vitamin D per say (even if she did title it as such), it was about going out on a nice day, which makes a pleasant change, especially when you live in the North, land of rain, sleet and flood. It was a happy post about fresh air and sunshine. Which I for one would be glad of today. The only happy creatures here are the dozen or so frogs in my pond, copulating wildly frog fashion.


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Too right Sue, getting a bit of sun on your face in the winter’s a big mood lifter, and that counts for a LOT.

So can I just ask at the doc’s to get my vit.D levels checked? I’ll be going at the end of March for my 3 monthly full bloods for the Tecfidera, can they just do additional stuff if you ask?

I had assumed your vit.D was checked in a full bloods thing, because it’s something my neuro’s specified before when he’s wanted tests done, but someone on here (apologises, can’t remember who you were!) says not.Though any tests I’ve had done at the hospital no results have ever been shared with me.

When I was on 'Tec, the blood form always specified vitamin D as well as LFTs, full blood count etc. But I suspect that has more to do with my specific neurologist believing that we need to check Vitamin D and supplement it if necessary. So it will depend on what your neuro asks for on the blood form. So if I were you, I’d check with whoever writes your blood forms (with me it’s the clinic nurses) and just ask them to put vit D on it. Then check back with them a few days after the blood test.


I shall do that then! The nurse who took the bloods called me back once she had the results, but that was mainly to inform me that I had high cholesterol! She said everything else was fine, but of course I’ve no idea what that “everything else” actually is.

I was confused by the cholesterol thing, is that going to be part of the test? Or are they likely to have tested it because it’s not something (to my knowledge at least) that I’ve ever had checked before?

Actually, she said they’ll check it in again in a year, so it can’t be part of the regular Tec. bloods thing can it.

What my MS nurse said I had to ask for was full blood count, liver function test and urine and electrolytes. I’ll definitely ask the clinic nurse if that includes vit. D then, and if she can include it if it doesn’t.

Thanks Sue :smiley: