Royal wedding palaver

Does anyone else not give a stuff about two people who they’ve never met getting hitched? I’m not watching the telly, and even the radio has nothing but this on! Well, pfffttt, I say! I’m not a great fan of the Royal Family - don’t wish them any harm but seriously not interested in their shenanigans! - and I don’t give a damn about this wedding. I’m more interested in the amount of rough sleepers they’ve turfed out of the place so the royal thingfaces don’t have to see them, and how much it’s costing for all the security and stuff for just the one day…(Prince Andrew came to open a new building at my work, and I remember the hassle to ensure the place was secure, just for a ten-minute visit! - People abseiling down the lift shafts to check for devices, sniffer dogs in every office (and they unerringly found where I’d left my tuna sandwich for my lunch…)…


It’s not on in my house either. I’m a decided Republican. And my OH is much more interested in the cycling.


Glad it’s not just me!

My contempt for this dysfunctional family is already at a very advanced stage, but getting married on FA Cup Final day is just wrong. Even both their Dad’s are not going.

At least Special Branch/MI5/SAS found your tuna sandwich.

Or did they take it away for a controlled explosion? You can’t be too careful with fish.

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Beautiful bride, handsome Prince very much in love. It was a simple wedding but the meeting of two worlds so beautifully done. Huge steps forward. Parties across the country, it’s a shame we don’t all get the same out of such events. For me money isn’t a thing to worry about when tourism for the royal family will have paid for this wedding over and over again. We are all entitled to our opinions but from me and mine : God bless the Queen.


Ps congratulations Grandma on your impressive maths score!!

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Too much tuna and my explosions will certainly not be controlled.

I had no choice.

Rose wanted it on.

The cellist was good.

But I missed the other music.


I’m in total agreement with Fracastorius!

Don’t wish Harry & Meghan any ill-will, but I truly believe something as personal as a wedding should be only be shared with family and close friends - not treated as a public spectacle like this one!!

I won’t say any more than that as their future is nobody’s business but their own - certainly none of my business or that of thousands of others that they’ll never meet!!


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Hi flutterby and grandma I really enjoyed watching the ceremony and wish them both every happiness. The crowd were enjoying the day and a party atmosphere prevailed! Sue xx

Total waste of money, police and other services, why not, like most other marriages, have the wedding at the bride’s home town, paid for by her parents, that way, the mother of the bride would have walked her daughter down the aisle (can’t have a non white give her away, says auld Liz, bit of racism perhaps), but just in, on the carriage procession one of the horse let go an almighty fart, a real humdinger, opps, sorry bout that, says ginger, one can’t legislate for moments like this, no probs said the C list actress, I thought it was a horse, Brian

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I enjoyed the music - especially Ellen Manahan Thomas and the cellist.

Loved it! And since Spurs didn’t make the cup final it was one good thing to celebrate!

Well I enjoyed it…

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Me too. Not just the culmination of a love story but a truly international event that broke ‘rules’, had the pomp and ceremony but also a strange normality. Secondary it must have brought in millions. What’s not to like.


What wedding !!!

i didn’t see it as i was getting shamefully drunk.

however i have a very soft spot for harry.

meghan had better be good to him!

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I totally agree and i dont have a telly but watched it live on BBC iplayr on my laptop. she looked breathtaking. I like Meghan watched her for seven years in SUITS, she is a lovely person.

what people are missing really is yesterday was a historical event. The prince was allowed to marry a multi racial bride, i am hoping this will heal some rifts in the world. Her mother is a direct descendant from the African slaves brought into the USA. I mean i think its amazing.

I think after Harry having such a horrible child hood loosing his mum the way he did etc, he deserves happiness, and i think they will be happy if the press leave them alone.

the revenue that event brought into our country far outceades anything else. All those people there watching them it was breathaking.


I am a republican but yesterday made me proud to be British. Only we could put on a show like that, and thankfully Diana’s children are and will make a big difference, much better than the dour Poe faced Royals were used too.