Village party on the green ---

Our little village -with neighbouring village is celebrating the Queen’s 90th - and raising funds for Help the Heroes. We have a wonderful exhibition in the hall of 90 yrs of life in the local villages. Local artist is ‘showing his wares’ - beautiful paintings and prints plus greeting cards.

We are putting up lots of party tents - as you can bet it will be still raining!! But the show goes on.

Fancy dress - tug o war -face-painting - live band - [even livelier if the rain gets into the electrics].

We are awash with bunting - flags etc.

l have made coronation chicken - savoury rice.

Yesterday, l put a hamper full of gift wrapped home-made ginger and vanilla biscuits. Some shaped as Corgis /Crowns and Teapots in the hall where the exhibition is -with a tin to raise money for Help the Heroes. They went like hot cakes. Cake stall today as well.

Well its macs and brollies - but the show will go on ----and on!

PS we had a fly past by two spitfires yesterday - and they will also do it again today.

Hope you all, that are also, celebrating today - have a wonderful time.,


Sounds brilliant!!! Of course it’s traditional that it rains for these things in Blighty.

Have fun! I love coronation chicken!!!

Pat xx


Pat - l shall save you some. Just got back from taking dogs over the fields - yes in pouring rain. l had my long riding mac on and a headscarf - so looked very 'Queen’like - No way l can make my rotties look like corgis. But everyone is out putting up gazebos and party tents. So the show goes on.

Some lovely vintage cars are parked to block the road pass our green and pub.


That sounds fantastic! It always makes me feel really good when i can give something back.

Have a lovely time I hope it doesn’t rain but i’m sure that you’ll still have fun.

Michelle and Frazer xx


Funny enough I was thinking about head scarves this morning. About time they came back into fashion! Very practical and look nice.

YES save me some of that coronation chicken!!!

Pat xx


Sounds wonderful Frances!

Wish we still lived down the lane from you…it’s such a lovely village!

Have fun …the sun is shining here now so hope it is in Sambourne too!

Nina x


Sound great, glad it is going fine even if the weather won’t play.



We have had a lovely time - it did tip it down and we had flashes of lightening - but we were all under gazebos etc. Loads of food. Pub in the next village came and served free drinks for all the children - Pimms for the ladies and beer for the gents. Then a local brewery came with samples of their beer. A ‘balti’ take-away is there serving samples of their menu.

A champagne and cake stall --all donated - so all free.

Rain stopped just in time for the tug o war. The Sambourne Mens and the LAdies team beat Coughton - bit of a grudge match as well - so all exciting. Band has just started up - so now there will be dancing.

The childrens fancy dress was terrific - Lots of Kings and Queens - and Knights in shining armour!!

Local infant school had made a huge cake and decorated by the children.

Someone is running a barbeque.

l have popped home to see to my dogs - but will go back to the festivities.

Sambourne and Middletown Matters on facebook.

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How wonderful,i wish i lived there,sounds so lovely,the way you describe things, so nice you remind me of Enid Blyton’

you could wrtie a book.

J x

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Do you remember - Pat. When we used to tie the scarf under the chin then take the ends to the back and tie.


yes a wee bit rain never stops the hardy. and it is a good thing to be bringing people together on such an occasion .


The tug o war competitions were amazing. Someone has put a small snippet on youtube.

The girls trained pulling a landrover across the pub carpark!!

My daughter is second to the end of the rope.

We had the fly-past of Spitfire and Lancester bomber - and then a helicopter flying the union jack -and also a parade of horses with flags trotted round the green.

The opening speech toasting the Queen was made by one of the residents - a 90yr old - who was one of the first to parachute into Arnhem WW11. A red carpet was put down for him. His wife was the local junior school teacher for many years -she taught most of people in the village and their children. Sadly, she now has alzheimers and her husband is her full-time carer.

The Village green was back to normal by last night - but most of the stuff is now dumped at our place. And our garden has just gone wild - what with all the rain and sun - and neglect whilst we have been preparing for last weekend.


YES I remember that! Really was good in cold windy weather! Also used to tie them gypsy style…just tied at back.

If you look on eBay there’s always loads of them & some sell for a lot of money if they are top designers.

Pat xx

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