Harry/Megan wedding

And so, we have anther royal wedding to look forward to next year, will it be in the bride’s home town, or even country, will the bride’s parents pay for it, will the couple pay for it themselves, will both sets of parents pay for it, the answer is a big fat NO, once again the tax payers (notice the words TAX PAYERS) have to fork out for a wedding for a nobody who will never be near to becoming a king, WHY, again WHY should/must we, Brian


I wonder if his Dad will get an invite?

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What about Nana?

My goodness what a bunch of grumps. I’m delighted for them. Nothing like a royal wedding. I don’t buy any of the tat but I do love watching.

I will look for tips as my own daughter is getting married next year as well.

Mags xx



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I doubt Queenie will be coughing up for the wedding, because her cash is tied up in an offshore tax haven. Far better to let the tax payer accept the bill.


Far Far more things on my plate to think about than a trumped up jolly paid for by working class people.

I agree like donating some of it to ms research…

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I am so happy for Harry he is my favorite to be honest, just a normal nice good guy. What people forget is that a Royal Wedding and one affiliated with the USA will bring HUGE REVENUE into this country just on all the souvenirs the last one did and so many avenues which will make money for different retailers if its in the uk the flight to the UK from the states will be full lol and vice versa.

I think we need a bit of happiness again in this country facebook will be full of it, the good the bad and the ugly lol.

The royals in this country bring in a lot of money to the economy.

I will be watching like you Mags. I bet your excited about your daughters wedding. xx

Good luck to them both and looking forward to it.

Too many Grumps up their own round here.

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I’m very excited and my daughter is a Megan as well.

I will be paying heed to the mother of the bride outfit.

Mags xx

I doubt it, but the heir to the throne might …


good wishes to them both! it wont be the wedding of the year for me-my son’s will be! one thing that harry and i have in common is that we are both happy! (sorry krak but its true!) ellie

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Me too Ellie, my son is getting married in the spring so that’s the big event of the year!

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are to marry at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, in May.

Just testing,not been able to reply to posts for some reason, but good luck to Meghan and Prince Henry (aka Harry)

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what you bringing me into this for.laugh