Are they worth it

hello, in the cutback world of today, when the poor, and low paid, are asked to survive on less and less, the question arises, is auld Lizzie and hangers on family worth a £6 million rise to £82 million, a rise from £32 million in six years under this present government, and bear in mind the millions to be spent of Buck house-ONE of FIVE homes available, at a time when council houses are struggling to get repaired, like every one else, tightening the belts should apply, starting with family cut down to line to throne members only, Brian

Don’t be too quick to judgement, because the bedroom tax must have hit her particularly hard.


Hahaha love it Whammel !!

Personally I hold the Royal Family in very high regard and would be very reluctant to see them go, although I do agree entirely with your suggestion Corrie that it should be those in line for the throne only.

I think the Queen has served us well and for me they are an institution but I know not everyone will agree … just thought I’d throw my two pennies in



Do you think there might be a room or two available for the evacuated flat families?


Of course they are not worth it - the history is there in the buildings and documents. Wealthy tourists flood to York - they don’t need the long dead Richard - just the buildings and the history of the place.

When we have Grenfell Tower and the shameful disgrace of the austerity cuts and outsourcing of build and downgrading of fire and safety measures to save some extra money whilst the rich livjng in that borough have the best of everything, in their faoulous housing so near and yet so far - we see the class divide, it is a stark reminder that we live in a society where the lives of the poor are not valued and their living conditions don’t matter. Where the rich resent the tax they are due and hide their weath adroitly through tax evaison and avoidance, with the help of their highly paid and skilled accountants.

Where the working poor live on minimum wage and zero hours contracts and benefits have been slashed and they, along with public service workers, haven’t had a wage/benefit raise for years, amounting to pay cuts with the rising cost of living all in the service of and ideological choice to inflict austerity whilst the rich get richer, whilst the poor just about survive any in work on minimum wage, or in some cases they don’t.

So how can it be right? How can one family live on the fat of the land whilst millions of ordinary people suffer. Now we see the the harsh result of how cuts lead to nearly 100 dying in their own homes, built not fit for purpose, because after all its social housing. Then the paucity of response from the Tory council and central government - a government that has repeatedly thrust massive cuts on councils, cut the fire regulations against a plethora of evidence to the contrary and a PM that can’t even be bothered to talk to the survivors until public scrutiny forced her to meet them.

Yet, despite the message from the country in the election, that they no longer accept austerity, the Tories are still ploughing ahead with it.

Despite the court ruling that the benefit cap is illegal and the Court of human Rights condemning the treatment of the disabled by recent governments, austerity is still the golden bloody goose.

Yes ,the queen did the right thing, she and William visited the Grenfell Tower victims whilst May lacked the common humanity to do so.

Yes she’s done the job well - I will give that to her… But even more so have our doctors, our nurses and many more - most going back to homes with a meagre income. No servants to run their baths and provide for their every need.

She’s the richest woman in the country and her life has been very cushy, thank you.

Come on - how come we can ‘afford’ to give her £6 million when others have endured a pay freeze, amounting to pay cut for years. She’s got countless millions in her own name. She doesn’t need us to pay - get her to raid her piggy bank, just as the Tories proposed in their ‘dementia’ tax!

So no, she’s not worth it and neither are the rest of the royals hangers on. Come the revolution let the young ones live in tower blocks and join the queue in job centres for the meagre JSA and Work Related ESA!



I know at first glance the money the royals get isn’t worth it. But the figures tell a different picture. Buckingham Palace is owned by the Crown Estate. 15% of its profits goes to the royals, but everything else goes to HM Treasury. That’s effectively like paying an income tax of 85%. In the last ten years, the Crown Estate has paid £2.4 billion to the public purse. Then there’s the amount the government gets from related tourism. Yes, it may look unfair when so many are living in such poverty. But the royals more than make up for anything they get.



Regardless of how much money the royal family bring in…or how much we have to pay out to keep them…WHO needs five homes!?? I like some of the royal family and I believe they do a lot of good for this country, but there are too many hangers on and they have far too much property. They need a slimming down exercise.