its a girl!

Am I the first? We have a new baby princess!!!

Hurray for Kate and Wills!

8lbs 3 oz. Some weight for a slim mum!



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Lovely news !!

lovely news, i thought it was going to be a girl

Fantastic News!!

Shazzie xx

good to have happy news!

Oh no, not another welfare scrounger. I wonder if cousin Dave will cut her child benefit payments?


Play nicely Whammel.

Shazzie x

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I don’t think Whammel’s comment wasn’t playing nicely. It’s not against the law (yet) to be a republican. I actually think it’s obscene that we even have a royal family when nearly a million people have to use foodbanks.


They won’t be eligible for child benefit. I for one think that William for one works very hard.

I’ll leave it there as, afterall, this has nothing to do with MS.

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Pleased for the family and was happy to hear the news and very good that a girl is 4th in line to the throne, after all the Queens do seem to have been rather more successful than a lot of the Kings.

I’m not a Republican as after all, better the devil you know, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to see a different, fairer government.

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Congrats and lots of hugs and kisses.

Whammel - don’t know who you are what you are bitching about - but please get real. I am 64 and for the first time in my life on benefits, I do not feel guilty. I have paid over £250,000 in PAYE and N.I. during my long working life - so please don’t judge others.


Good grief!

Whammel you made me laugh.

glad she has arrived safe and healthy!

Not that I am trying to make a direct comparison with a child born into a lifetime of wealth and privilege by an accident of birth, but there was another baby born yesterday and one far more worthy of celebration in my view.


I know where you’re coming from Whammel and I know you are the last person to judge people on benefits, I guess Maryrie is new to the board and doesn’t know you very well.


Thank you for the kind words Corkie and I expect it was a simple misunderstanding, that’s all. Perhaps I was a touch too heavy with the irony.


irony - you!

and I thought you were our royal correspondent, keeping us up to date with goings on in the Mountbatten family.


Saw the photo of them this morning in the paper. Beautiful. l think they might name her Alexandria. Are we taking bets!!

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Glad to see so much support for this new babby.

Those who have other thoughts, yeh, you are entitled to your beliefs.

Innit great we have free speech (to a point) in our homeland?


ps I got a new great great niece on 25th April…3 weeks early, just 4lbs 15oz. Annalise. Mum and babe annd new big sis, Courtney, all doing well.

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aww how lovely i love the name Annalise.

J x

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Our new royal babby has been named;

Princess Charlotte Elizabeth DIANA



theres a pic on facebook, with Kate and Wills looking up and theres Diana and the queen mum looking down.Lovely!

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