William & Catherine

She’s pregnant. Of course that is great news for the two of them and I wish them well. I do hope it is morning sickness that she is suffering with and not something else.

But, c’mon now ‘TOO MUCH ALREADY’!

Somehow the media thinks we want to be constantly drip-fed moment-by-moment updates covering the inane minutia of it all. We will be inflicted with this drivel for the next 9 months, and then, when the baby is born,……Oh Noooooo Give Me Strength!

Am I the only one who feels like this?


but the big question is…

… is she too posh to push?

Speaking as a Republican, I regard these parasites as nothing more than benefit scroungers and should be investigated by Atos. The constant reporting of this non issue by a sycophantic press is wholly unwelcome.

I suspect you are far from alone.

Me thinks with the autumn statement due tomorrow where chancellor will screw the poor even more that the news of a baby was purely and simply to distract us plebs from the obvious, we are going to have much less money in our pockets for the foreseeable future.

As for sickness in pregnancy - I had it dreadfully, nosebleeds too and had to work up to my first sons birth because dates were wrong, so kept fainting and being sent home. I had a week off work then the baby arrived. How I feel for her not having to work, not having to keep going, swollen feet, feeling ill all the time. Poor Catherine, but hello is it only commoners who know morning sickness is all par for the course?



Very handy for the government to have yet something else to take our minds off the dreadful state this country is in… we had the royal wedding, the diamond jubilee, then the olympics and now a second-by-second update on the royal pregnancy!

It’s like living in a very surreal soap opera.

Pat x

Oh dear. Am I the only one who is pleased about the baby news?

You can always turn the news off and watch something else you know.

There, I have risked the wrath of Khan by voicing my opinion!

luv Pollx

Personally, I think that the French had the right idea when it comes to Royals.


No Poll, you are not the only one. I like happy news and am pleased for them :slight_smile:


Aw ta chuck!

luv Pollx

Another one on the civil list…

The whole media frenzy is welcomed by this and Governments the world over,'cos it moves the news cycle away from the ‘real world’ and all the problems therein.Still, the world loves a ‘comfy feely’ story,and the happy couple knew what was going to happen and seem happy to ‘give themselves’ to the planet.

I hope all goes well for them,and just think of all the sponsorship deals,for The Royal Baby Wipe. And don’t forget…Uncle Harry???


Im pleased for them, but what happens if its twins ? The media will go CRAZY …

I hope that the media leaves them alone.

Good luck to em… thats what I say !


Speaking as a Republican, I regard these parasites as nothing more than benefit scroungers and should be investigated by Atos. The constant reporting of this non issue by a sycophantic press is wholly unwelcome.

I suspect you are far from alone.

[/quote] Not a Irish republican?

You are right Bill, I am pleased for them but quite frankly I worry more about the people waiting for assessments from their OTs who have been told “unless it’s life or death they will have to wait” or else it’s 350 squid for a private OT. I’m afraid there are higher priorities but I’m an old lefty I suppose.

Wendy x

Who’s the daddy ?

Bets please :wink:

Good luck to 'em



I watch very little TV because I just can’t cope with all the celebrity come ‘like’ cook with me on ice while ‘like’ dancing in the essex jungle with ‘like’ special guest appearances from the cast of the Jeremy Kyle show, ‘like’ live from the big brother house. But hey, that’s just my personal preference.

Actually I mostly just put the TV on for the news, and I do turn it off as you recommend. Which is the point I was trying to make about the media really. I have a sight impairment, so I can’t read newspapers, I prefer to listen to the radio but even that doesn’t offer much immunity.

I like a bit of good news too, don’t we all? Shame there isn’t much of it about.

As I say, I do wish her well, I really do.

Bill. x

I thought it was just me who look on morning sickness as a part of pregnancy, I suffered from day one till our son was born I could not keep anything down I gained 10lbs while I was pregnant, get a grip country, im sick of the news already, im pleased for them but hate all the news being taken over by this story.

Al x

Hi again. Arent we lucky we live in a country where we can voice our opinions without being carted off and never to be seen again?

luv Pollx

Yes, I think there are 3 main reasons for this.

  1. To divert our attention away from real issues.

  2. Lowest common denominator style of journalism.

  3. Media positioning to be the first to report if something goes wrong.

Oh no, I think I’ve developed a bit of morning sickness now too.

Always pleased to hear from you, no sycophance intended.


I’m not so sure, what about David Kelly (Weapons Expert)? He tried to voice his opinion, but the state got to him first. He’s not the only one. But yes, you are correct, I don’t think the likes of you or I are in any danger as long as we know our place and stay there. Yes, we must consider ourselves lucky.

Bill. x