Some lovely news

Hi all, I can finally tell you the news that we’ve been sworn to secrecy about for weeks. MrH’s beautiful daughter, Michelle, has announced that she is expecting his second grandchild !! After a couple of horrible years including being diagnosed as having inherited her Dads faulty cancer gene, BRCA2, having a preventative double mastectomy and having heart problems, it is wonderful news for her. She will undergo an operation to have her ovaries removed after the birth, so not out of the woods yet but the news is a much needed boost and lovely to have a sibling for 18 month old Faith. Catherine Xx

Congrats xx

Aww that’s lovely news. How awful for her to have to go through such agressive preventative treatment but how brave of her to do it.

I love little babies :smiley:

It’s been awful…because of the aggressive nature of the gene her risk of breast cancer was 85% and similar for ovarian cancer. We are most proud of, despite her personal pain, she has strived to use her public profile to raise awareness of the gene which has resulted in men and women being screened and being made aware if the options available. Xx

Oh that is lovely news

So sorry about all the difficulty she is facing with the BRCA2 gene but how wonderful to be gifted with another little one.

B xxx

Many congratulations to you all x

Aah congratulations beautiful news x

Congratulations!!! Thats great X

Congratulations! What wonderful news for her and you and your husband. Anne x

Oh how lovely :slight_smile: xx

Congratulations, that’s wonderful news x

Congratulations - lovely news. Sounds like she’s had quite a lot to contend with. I wish her a safe and happy pregnancy. Jane x

I saw her news online the other day. Congratulations to you all - she looked at least four or five months? She is very brave having had the double mastectomy and now the ovaries removal after the birth. I hope everything goes really well for her! I hope you are OK too Catherine! Teresa xx

I think she’s about 12 weeks.

Aw theres no better news than another member of the family to love. Congrats to you all x

Congratulations to you all, that’s wonderful :slight_smile:

Sonia x

Oh wow,

Feeling very sorry for myself today, but having read your news and the background, has lifted me up no end and made me not a little ashamed. Best wishes for an uneventful pregnancy

Alison xxx

Thank you all so much. MrH is pretending to be cool but really he is so excited. If any of you pass an OK magazine in the shops, check out the front cover and “bump” is captured in full glory. Mum looks very pretty too !! Catherine Xx

Ps, Alison don’t ever be ashamed for feeling sorry for yourself. We’re all entitled to a moment now and then. (((())))xxxx

Awww Mrs H. I am so pleased for you all.

Brilliant news!!

Shazzie xx